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Hello! If you’re a regular follower of then you will have seen me feature a statement jacket here and I wanted to continue this theme as it was well received (and I think everyone needs to find that perfect coat for Autumn/Winter.)

Like I said previously, a jacket is probably the main accessory of an outfit, not only because it’s the first thing you’ll notice, but also because it can be used to express your very own style.

If it’s styled in the right way, it is the perfect way of showing off how you like to dress and that you are able to look good, even if it is -2degrees.

This time I’ve featured a pea-coat from Primark and I think it’s a beautiful addition to any man’s wardrobe.

With the detachable wool collar, it immediately adds a different aspect to the coat that is rarely seen anywhere else – and at the fraction of the price!

Styling  a pea-coat is pretty easy. Because they cover 2/3’s of your body, simply donning a thick jumper, plain trousers and nice shoes is enough! I’ve included a few items for your eyes to ponder over on how to complete the look. the funnel neck sweater is my fave. *heart eyes emoji*

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