What to wear – Men!

What to wear - Men!

The popularity of mens fashion has rocketed in recent years. So much so, even they are carrying clutch bags (notice my previous obsession with clutches!)
This bespoke look is excellent for any working man. The long jackets are well in season and seem to be coming ever more prominent in men’s fashion.

I just love this look. And the Louis Vuitton clutch, oh my!

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  1. Awesome, but tone the shades down and the only time men need to carry something like a clutch is if the things inside it are business related. Otherwise, lets fit it in our pockets. Where is the coat from?

    1. I like the clutch, especially like you said, if it’s business related.
      I’m not too sure where the coat is from, I just took the picture from Pinterest. I’m trying to find out though, it’s gorgeous.

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