Finding “My Phase”

It seems a while since I did a fashion post, so I wanted to publish one about how I dress myself.

I think I’ve gone through so many years trying to find out my style and what suits me, that I’ve got to a point where I know exactly what I’m looking for when I go shopping for new things.

I’ve been through the skinny phase, the colourful phase, the emo phase and the oversized phase – and have ultimately got to where I am today: I’m gonna call it “My Phase“!

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OOTD: Paris in Cuffs

As soon as I set eyes on Paris in Cuffs, I realised I had fallen in love and it was a brand I really wanted to connect to. I was lucky enough to be receive a good bag of things from them, including a tee, a tote bag & some uber cool badges. (They are pinned to my jacket.)


I decided to wear the white tee with my shirt because it added a cool pattern to the look. I am loving checks at the moment and I definitely need a red shirt to give a bold colour statement to the outfit.

I chose my ripped jeans (which I did by myself I’ll have you know) because they are my baby at the moment. I wear them with everything and especially with this outfit it gives a grungy kind of edge to the look.

And my snapback. It has become something that I adore at the moment and sometimes can’t leave the house without it.

Let me know what you think and certainly check out Paris in Cuffs – they’re an awesome brand with even cooler people.


Happy Holidays


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