OOTD: Turtle 'n' Anchor

London Skyline

Hey everyone, I’m back. And Happy March!

As some of you may know, I attended London Fashion Week working as a writer for Noctis Magazine (check out my work on their website). This was such an amazing time for me, it felt awesome to be able to write, get my work published and be immersed in the atmosphere of LFW – something which I’ve dreamt of for years.

So now I’m back to everyday life and normality. *sigh*

But all is well and I have another Outfit post to share, with a great accessory addition to my outfit.

Anchor And Crew bracelet

This bracelet, from Anchor and Crew, is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit – especially in the summer.

They offers a great range of bracelets that incorporates rope and chains to reflect the ideology of the brand.

I know it’s moving onto warmer weather and I should be transitioning into t-shirts and shorts, but there’s still a little nip in the air – hence why I haven’t paired this bracelet with a beach outfit.


I went for the turtle because, c’mon, you can’t go wrong with a turtle neck!

I covered myself up with my leather jacket because it pretty much goes with every outfit. It can also be worn in the summer as it isn’t too thick – I’m looking forward to wearing it out and about in London this summer and sharing with you guys!

And these jeans. For some reason, they are my new thing. I’ve always believed that you can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans, even for a guy!

Leather Jacket – Forever 21

Turtle Neck – Next

Jeans – GAP (gained from a Swapshop!)

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Anerkjendt AW14

Hello lovely people, I’m slowly getting back into regularly blogging and bringing you my view on the fashion world.

This time it’s all about the brand Anerkjendt, who I have written about before & am writing about them again because they are just so amazing.

They are another brand, just like Native Youth that I blogged about the other day, that fits exactly within my style.

This seasons sees them mix it up a bit, creating 3 different looks for the modern man.

Firstly, the delve into a more grungy, rock ‘n’ roll look, opting for dark colours and bold fabrics. Then, they look back in time to the Cowboys and Indians are for the more playful gent. And finally, they add a fun splash of patterns and colours in for good measure. 

This collections reminds us the the brand certainly isn’t afraid of working with fabrics, layers and colours and just go with the motions and work with what they know (which is a lot considering how fantastic this season is!)

I’ve picked a few of my favourites from the collection, I hope you like them. Check out their website (www.anerkjendt.dk) for more and tell me your favourites too.

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Native Youth AW14

Now, as you guys may be aware if you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, (which I sincerely hope some of you have) then I have had a brand crush on Native Youth since I first set eyes on them.

Their collections have just always been on point and directly correlate to my style and what I love wearing. They have been following the trends, working with what is happening in the fashion world and making a collection that just slots perfectly into it’s niche.

Their most recent collection is an amazing representation of how successful they have been. 

Working with different materials, layers & colours, they have created some of the most amazing looks I have seen in a while – for a “ready-to-wear” collection anyway.

Like any normal Autumn/Winter collection, the layers and the textures of the pieces are absolutely effortless. They make it easy to keep warm and cosy in the chilly half of the year, whilst also ensuring the comfort when wearing the clothes.

This season sees them explore the use of new fabrics, introducing cotton and nylon mixes that demonstrates a new edge to the Manchester born brand.

As the saying goes, “Less is more!” and it certainly seems that the designers have taken this on board and focused on the quality of the pieces, rather than creating something that is bold and overwhelming. After all, the pieces need to be “ready to wear”.

The brand’s philosophy from the start was to make clothes that guys actually want to wear. It’s safe to say, they have delivered.



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My interview with Inthefrow!

I sent a few questions to Victoria Magrath (you’ll probably know better her as Inthefrow) about her life of blogging.


First of all, how did you get into blogging? Was there something that inspired you to do it? If so, what?
I was inspired to blog after watching a Youtube video by the Beauty Crush, Sammi, and after that I was hooked on Youtube and blogging and everything else surrounding that. I just decided that I wanted to write down what I loved just as much.

Where did the name ‘inthefrow’ come from? Obviously it’s “In the front row” but is that something that you dream of getting, therefore having it as your url?
To be honest, it came from a lyric from an Alanis Morissette song called Front Row. The lyric says, “I’m in the Front Row with Popcorn”, which I had named my first Tumblr Blog. When I came to name my new fashion blog, I decided to use the same name but wanted something shorter and snappier. I figured In the Front Row could be shortened to Inthefrow, and that was it.

I see you’re a lecturer too. How do you manage your time to blog?
I pretty much work two full time jobs right now. Lecturing and working in the daytime, blogging before and after work and then all weekend. So I dont ever take time off from it. But I’m a believer in hard work pays off, so hopefully I’ll see the benefits one day 🙂

What are you aiming to get from blogging? (If you haven’t already achieved that)
I hope to grow my blog as successful as I possibly can of course, and just to keep writing about what I love. Blogging is such a brilliant way to meet inspiring people, so I just want to keep meeting new people, making new friends and widening my future prospects.

Is there anything now that inspires you?
I’m inspired by a lot of things. Fashion, beautiful clothing, stunning scenery, the people I have around me, the prospect of travelling to incredible places. I often spend hours on Tumblr and Instagram looking at imagery and planning my future.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers at the moment?

My favourite fashion bloggers would probably be Sammi from The Beauty Crush as I adore what she wears, Native Fox, as she is always dressed head to toe in designer and also Angelica Blick. She is just so stunning.

What’s the best part of fashion blogging for you personally?
The best part is probably getting to meet new people and doing things you never usually would. Such as taking trips here and there, modelling for brands, working with brands that you love, going along to amazing events and catching up with everyone. I love it.

What’s your advice to budding fashion bloggers?
My advice would be to do it, if you’ve got the passion and the time for it. It’s not about the items that you might get free as in most cases it takes time to build up relationships with brands who would like to gift you pieces. It shouldn’t be about that and whats in it for you, it should be about how happy it makes you and how much you enjoy it. If you dont have the passion, you may not continue blogging after a few months, which is what happens to a lot of people unfortunately.

Obviously you appeal mostly to girls, but what is your advice to male fashion bloggers (like myself)?
I love male fashion bloggers. Mainly because they are much rarer and therefore their content is just really exciting and different. I would say that you just need to stay on top of what is coming out, and with the Mens fashion week this year, it looks like the world is paying much more attention to menswear for the future. If you can stay on top of that, make your own predictions and then portray that to your audience, I think youll be on to a winner.

Find her on Twitter and Instagram at: inthefrow

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I Love Ugly SS14

I am pretty much encapsulated by I Love Ugly and their new collection.

The colours, the patterns & the cuts are simply gorgeous and I will definitely be investing in them this Summer.

They have become their own the past season and are beginning their ascent to the top. Pause Magazine had a feature on their collection yesterday, so they are certainly ones to look out for.

Take a look here.

I think they’re secretly trying to appeal to everyone with those world flags. Hats off to the designer. 

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Charity shop gems!

I went to town with my mum and we had a few minutes to spare before she had to go to the dentist. So I said we should have a look around the charity shop (like we do!)

And thank heavens we did. These two beauties were in there, simply waiting for me.

The Kickers jumper is incredible. So warm and vintage and at £6 I couldn’t resist.

The Pierre Cardin jacket jumped out at me. It’s slightly too big (but I don’t care) and at a mere £5.

mum: “it’s too big, I don’t like it”

me: “well it’s a good brand and cheap so I don’t care what you think”




Ciao for now, x

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Alright, I know LCM is now over, and I have been rubbish with keeping up (I know, I’m stupid) but I just wanted to share my absolute favourite from the 3 day extravaganza.


Wow, what a collection. The trio really do not let you down when they show their collection.

I fell in love with them last year at LFW with their Sister by Sibling masterpiece.

And I just fell even more in love with them after their show earlier today!

Every single item was stunning. The mesh t shirts, denim waistcoats and striking shorts are sure to be seen out and about in the Summer of ’14.

The colours are perfect and really set you up for the sun (when this rain finally stops!) 

And the models smile! This is my favourite aspect of their shows. Unlike the emotionless models of other fashion designers, they seem to be enjoying what their doing and smiling their way through it. I love this. It’s great to see something different on the catwalk.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the collection.


Check out the rest of the pieces here: http://showstudio.com/collection/sibling_london_menswear_s_s_2014

Oh, and the retweeted me. Happy! 


Ciao for nowx

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Zara Menswear

I am in love with this collection by Zara Man.

They have really got in touch with the winter needs an given us an array of beautiful pieces that are sure to keep you warm.

From head to toe, they have created a sleek, comfortable look that seems effortless in terms of style.

A heavy, oversized blazer appears to be on trend this season, with many other brands quickly snapping us this look. It adds the business image that every man wants to be seen in.

The jumpers are to die for. The close-knit style is an excellent way to keep warm in these brisk winter days. They are available in many colours to accompany any outfit.

The accessories in the lookbook are perfect! The Oxford boots, the chunky scarves and the holdall bag are gorgeous. They are the much needed finishing touches that complete that pristine look.

Check out their lookbook, http://www.zara.com/uk/en/lookbook/man/edition-c515503.html

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PLEASE READ: Fly 53 x New Model Army‏

In 1985 the band New Model Army made a statement on Top of the Pops that caused a long term rift with the show that was never healed before the show’s demise.

Shit on stage? Threaten anarchy? Swear (a lot)? Expose themselves? No. The band dared to wear a tee exclaiming the obvious – Only Stupid Bastards Use Heroin.

1985 was one of the disgraceful years of ‘heroin chic’ in music. Bands pretending to do it, media semi-promoting it and with rumours that it was no worse than dope circulated by dealers, kids were paying the price both literally and figuratively with their lives.

Designer and long-time friend of N.M.A. Joolz Denby was sick of this pretence, seeing what was happening in her neighbourhood, and trying to take on the council to educate the locals about the dangers. NMA was even active in supporting local Drug Charities. Then happenstance presented the band with the platform; Joolz says ‘a surprising request to play Top Of The Pops was a great opportunity to make a useful statement.’

Joolz hand painted four tees for the band that said ‘Only Stupid Bastards Us Heroin’ in the hope of deterring any teens off the path of hard drugs. On the day in the studio TOTP took umbrage at the word bastard (as well as the bands insistence of playing live) and promptly gaffer taped the word to hide it. Over the time to air, Joolz snipped away at the tape with some nail scissors so when it came time for the set, you could plainly read the word.

The rest is history – a lifetime ban from Top Of The Pops as they stepped off stage and a surprising ally in newspapers poking at TOTP for being arses about an important message.

FLY53 has always championed the Tee as a canvas. Having been sued banned and had product pulled for making statements, we thought this was a perfect story and one that deserves highlighting. So we have reprinted the tee in limited numbers, 40 of which will be auctioned off and every penny raised will go to a drug charity local to the band’s hometown.

Tees will be auctioned through eBay from 14th November. W/C 14th November, 20 tees will be put up first week and 20 the next. Check www.fly53.com for news and info on the auction. 

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Introducing: Anerkjendt

Introducing another fresh new brand for you guys – Anerkjendt!

Their Autumn collection gives the person the opportunity to create their own look, with the many items and accessories that they offer. They have some amazing sweat shirts, beautiful quilted shirts and jackets and the extremely important pair of jeans.

Their aim is to have a mixture of materials and details that give an edgy, rocky look to make you stand out – ranging from knitted cotton to quilted nylon.

They have created this collection with the influence of rock ‘n’ roll to master that ‘grungy’ look that people are steering towards nowadays.

Their prints, they say, are still important, whether it’s camouflage, animal prints or funny motives. They like to keep their look iconic and memorable, which it certainly is!

Keeping with the Autumnal colours, they have incorporated the dark blues, dark greens and the grayscale. Perfect for keeping (and looking) warm.

Here’s a few pictures of their collection, definitely check them out.


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