My interview with Inthefrow!

I sent a few questions to Victoria Magrath (you’ll probably know better her as Inthefrow) about her life of blogging.


First of all, how did you get into blogging? Was there something that inspired you to do it? If so, what?
I was inspired to blog after watching a Youtube video by the Beauty Crush, Sammi, and after that I was hooked on Youtube and blogging and everything else surrounding that. I just decided that I wanted to write down what I loved just as much.

Where did the name ‘inthefrow’ come from? Obviously it’s “In the front row” but is that something that you dream of getting, therefore having it as your url?
To be honest, it came from a lyric from an Alanis Morissette song called Front Row. The lyric says, “I’m in the Front Row with Popcorn”, which I had named my first Tumblr Blog. When I came to name my new fashion blog, I decided to use the same name but wanted something shorter and snappier. I figured In the Front Row could be shortened to Inthefrow, and that was it.

I see you’re a lecturer too. How do you manage your time to blog?
I pretty much work two full time jobs right now. Lecturing and working in the daytime, blogging before and after work and then all weekend. So I dont ever take time off from it. But I’m a believer in hard work pays off, so hopefully I’ll see the benefits one day 🙂

What are you aiming to get from blogging? (If you haven’t already achieved that)
I hope to grow my blog as successful as I possibly can of course, and just to keep writing about what I love. Blogging is such a brilliant way to meet inspiring people, so I just want to keep meeting new people, making new friends and widening my future prospects.

Is there anything now that inspires you?
I’m inspired by a lot of things. Fashion, beautiful clothing, stunning scenery, the people I have around me, the prospect of travelling to incredible places. I often spend hours on Tumblr and Instagram looking at imagery and planning my future.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers at the moment?

My favourite fashion bloggers would probably be Sammi from The Beauty Crush as I adore what she wears, Native Fox, as she is always dressed head to toe in designer and also Angelica Blick. She is just so stunning.

What’s the best part of fashion blogging for you personally?
The best part is probably getting to meet new people and doing things you never usually would. Such as taking trips here and there, modelling for brands, working with brands that you love, going along to amazing events and catching up with everyone. I love it.

What’s your advice to budding fashion bloggers?
My advice would be to do it, if you’ve got the passion and the time for it. It’s not about the items that you might get free as in most cases it takes time to build up relationships with brands who would like to gift you pieces. It shouldn’t be about that and whats in it for you, it should be about how happy it makes you and how much you enjoy it. If you dont have the passion, you may not continue blogging after a few months, which is what happens to a lot of people unfortunately.

Obviously you appeal mostly to girls, but what is your advice to male fashion bloggers (like myself)?
I love male fashion bloggers. Mainly because they are much rarer and therefore their content is just really exciting and different. I would say that you just need to stay on top of what is coming out, and with the Mens fashion week this year, it looks like the world is paying much more attention to menswear for the future. If you can stay on top of that, make your own predictions and then portray that to your audience, I think youll be on to a winner.

Find her on Twitter and Instagram at: inthefrow

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I Love Ugly SS14

I am pretty much encapsulated by I Love Ugly and their new collection.

The colours, the patterns & the cuts are simply gorgeous and I will definitely be investing in them this Summer.

They have become their own the past season and are beginning their ascent to the top. Pause Magazine had a feature on their collection yesterday, so they are certainly ones to look out for.

Take a look here.

I think they’re secretly trying to appeal to everyone with those world flags. Hats off to the designer. 

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My interview with Malmo London.

I sent some questions over to the Malmo London designers and have just received their answers! 



– How did it all start? What made you decide to make the collection?
It all started with  2 guys who wanted to start a clothing brand, without forgetting our roots.  We have quickly gained a loyal following as we care about the people that work for us and the young creatives we actively support. We never want to be a nasty corporation, using sweatshops and laughing all the way to the bank.
– I see that you like to take inspiration from the streets? Is there anything in particular that you look for or is it just whatever’s there?
I like to throw myself in. Get a cheap flight, get lost in a city, meet people, visit galleries, peoples studios- that’s my biggest inspiration. It doesn’t have to be limited to looking at clothes. That’s why the collection is sporadic- no-one wants to see the same old sh*t season after season.
– What’s the main difference between Swedish streets and London streets? (If there are any differences).
Personally I find, Sweden is very classy, homely & functionally focused. Whereas London is more gritty and spontaneous. Its great to bring together ideas from different areas, including Nepal; where our products are manufactured. A lot of inspiration has come from there as well.
– What sort of things do you look for when you put together Mo Monthly?
We look for aspiring creative talent. Be it music, design or indeed fashion. Something fresh, original & forward thinking.
– What’s your main piece of advice to the young designers out there that want to start out in design?
Ask yourself, “what’s stopping me doing this?”. Don’t be afraid of putting stuff ‘out there’. If you have confidence in yourself and a vision going forward, you will inevitably succeed.
(Here’s the lookbook for their Autumn/Winter collection:
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What to wear – Men!

What to wear - Men!

The popularity of mens fashion has rocketed in recent years. So much so, even they are carrying clutch bags (notice my previous obsession with clutches!)
This bespoke look is excellent for any working man. The long jackets are well in season and seem to be coming ever more prominent in men’s fashion.

I just love this look. And the Louis Vuitton clutch, oh my!

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#LFW Mulberry

Apart from the Wedgewood invitations and a certain Cara Delevingne opening the show, Mulberry was always going to be one the most anticipated of the week. 

And it certainly proved that this afternoon, when the collection went off. 

Distinctive Mulberry designs that women always desire to wear in the Spring/Summer were noticeable as the models emerged from backstage. 

Textured floral patterns was the main look in the collection, appearing on the dresses, the blazer coats, the bottoms and even on a coat for the mascot dog (yes, they had a dog!)

The pastel colours of the transparent dresses were a highlight in the collection, flashing just a little flesh, but leaving enough to the imagination and not giving it a trashy look. Keeping it classy and sophisticated certainly paid off in this collection, as I’m sure many women will be rushing to get their hands on the outfits when they are available. (I would be if I was a woman!)

Each of the models sported the hugely popular signature bags which most people flock to buy from the shelves. They finished the look off perfectly and kept it ‘strictly Mulberry’. 

This collection glows with glamour and luxury, showing off the femininity of the designer brand and making this a true spectacle of the week. 



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Fresh off the Runway!

Here I am (once again!) delivering my verdict on the latest collections to hit the Runway.

This time, I’m looking at the Spring/Summer Collection 2014 of Burberry!

All of the pieces that are featured are immaculate, with the fresh new look that will catch your eye immediately.

However, instead of rambling on for too long, I will give you my 3 favourites from the collection.




Burberry 1

#1 – The amazing trenchcoat and jumper combination.

The green and brown compliment each other beautifully. The slight flash of blue from the shirt adds an extra colour into the mix, creating an eye-catching outfit that I could definitely see myself wearing. Wearing it’s to the office or just on a bitter, wintery day, it will work wonders and will certainly turn heads (for all the right reasons.)

The red shoes are a fantastic addition to the outfit, breaking up the colours and giving another reason to stare.

Burberry 2

#2 – The smart shirt and the casual jacket contrast.

The colours of this outfit are absolutely stunning. The light blue of the jacket and the watery-green blend well and would certainly stand you out from the rest. The casual look mixed with the smart shirt is a great way to keep the outfit versatile and ready to be worn wherever you go. This could be seen in an office, in the streets or for a posh, evening meal. The red tie is a great way to accessorize this outfit as it gives a flash of colour that breaks up the blue and green.

Burberry 3

#3 – The smart overshirt.

This is the piece that I could definitely see myself wearing. It goes well with any of the pieces above (even in the whole collection) and proves to be a hit when it comes to attention. The red is a catches your eye immediately and leaves you wanting to see more. The overshirt idea is a clever and gives the fashionista who wears it a chance to express themselves from what they wear underneath. Whether it be another shirt with a tie (like this model wears) or nothing, it adds an edge to the outfit, keeping it fresh and stylish.

So, that’s it. My opinions on some of my favourite pieces from the Burberry collection.

Why not leave a comment and tell me what your favourite piece was. I’d love to hear from you!

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Prada Fall/Winter 2013-14 Menswear

Just watching this video and I realize this is exactly what I want to get into. I want to go fashion shows and write features on the amazing designs.

In this collection, I love the geek chic style and applaud Prada for keeping it subtle but still interesting. It shows the sleekness of the male with the perfection of the model and keeps every man wanting to be just like them. (I know I do!)

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