#BringMerryBack with House of Fraser

‘Tis the season to be jolly. (I’m all festive’d out and I haven’t even put my Christmas tree up yet – yes, seriously!)

Christmas is a time of giving, but that usually means that we forget to treat ourselves. But don’t fret, House of Fraser have come up with a way to help you keep the sparkle in your life throughout the entire present-buying process.

I got to join the team for an intimate dinner (if you follow me on all my social media you might’ve just seen it) and to kick off the festive season in real style. I scrubbed up, headed to the 40th floor of the Gherkin in London and enjoyed a Christmas dinner with some other bloggers – including a cocktail making masterclass and a gift-wrapping extravaganza. 

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#FoundIt for £50

Are you one of those people that leaves buying presents until the last minute? Are you currently freaking out about it too?

Never fear, I’m here to bring you a quick gift guide to help you make the best purchases (and cover up the fact that you’ve panicked!) 

FullSizeRender (13)

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OOTD: Festive Cheer

Oh, look, another Christmas jumper. *cheers profusely*

This time it’s from the lovely people at Threadbare who sent me this awesome advent sweater.

And the best thing? There is a bloody flashing snowman that lives behind door number 24. How insane is that?!

The jumper is perfect for keeping warm. It’s from the comfiest material ever and I will definitely be wearing the hell out of this Christmas.

Not only do they do the most amazing novelty Christmas jumpers, they have a beautiful collection of coats, shirts, trousers and much more.

If you want to get your own jumper, or anything else on the site, I can offer you a code that gives you 15% off your order. Simple enter Liam15 at checkout to get discount on your whole basket.

Check out their collection here.

Happy Holidays

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Christmas Wishlist: Scarves

Christmas Wishlist: Scarves


New Look (reduced to £6.50) – Jack & JonesMichael KorsForever 21BoohooPaul SmithJack Wills


When it gets to Christmas time, picking that perfect scarf can be very difficult. So I’ve made it all a bit easier for you guys to see what is to offer out there and how much you have to spend to get one that will actually keep you warm.

There’s so many styles, colours and materials available that it makes it tricky to find the best one. My selection gives you the freedom to choose one that really suits you. Whether you want a snood, long and warm or short and fluffy, my list has it all.

A scarf is the perfect accessory for your outfit, come rain or shine! But you definitely need one this Christmas – go on, treat yourself!

Happy Holidays


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Christmas Gift Idea: The book of …

I always think the best present for someone is something personalised, so when I saw The Book of Everyone I knew I had to get one.

The basic premise of the book is making it specific to one person. This is achieved by entering the person’s name & date-of-birth and the rest is done for you! The system automatically creates a book of facts relating to the very year (and sometimes day) of their birthday. It’s awesome!

There are opportunities to personalise even further by adding photos, quotes and maybe even something embarrassing to make them laugh.

The book includes so many interesting facts that you may not even know, right from the film and book of that year to the famous people they share their birthday with.

The book can be printed on paperback, hardback or a deluxe option that comes with a a stunning gift box! There is also the choice of getting a digital version to be used on your smart phone or tablet, you know, when you want to be able to show your friends.

It is in collaboration with Age UK, that with every book you buy it goes towards the “gifting” of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift. Because, after-all, we all know that amazing people deserve an amazing gift too!

And the coolest thing about it all? The fact an ant (yes, a real ant) gets called your friend’s name in their honour!

So what are you waiting for? Go and make sure that you’re the one giving the best present this year! www.thebookofeveryone.com


Happy Holidays


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OOTD: Christmas Spirit

As it’s December (finally) and Christmas season has been thrown down our throats, I got into the spirit of things by showing off my new festive jumper.

I was contacted by the guys over at Jacamo who were lovely enough to give me a choice of two jumpers (one for me and one for my best friend.)

Jacamo are usually thought of as the “bigger guys” brand, but they have decided to completely re-invite themselves to appeal to every man. A great choice in my opinion because I absolutely adore some of their stuff, especially the jumpers.

I opted for the red stag design as I thought it would be suitable to wear throughout the year, not just for Christmas (but I will probably wear it on Christmas Day!)

Their selection ranges from novelty to classic, creating a look for everyone. Whether you need a jumper for Christmas Jumper Day on the 12th of December or simply something to wear on the morn of the 25th when you’re unwrapping your presents and stuffing your face with turkey, then look no further.

Shop their collection here.


Happy Holidays



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Christmas Wishlist: Camel Coats

Christmas Wishlist: Camel Coats

High Street: River Island  Zara  Topman  ASOS

High End: Burberry  Vivienne Westwood  Paul Smith  Valentino


Happy December!  I hope you’ve had the best Monday morning ever, opening your first advent calender door (chocolate makes it all better, right?!)

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but the camel coat has been something on my radar for a loooooong time. I have seen them everywhere, so I decided to search the market and bring you the best ones.

Whether you want to scour the high street looking for a bargain or hit the designer shops, I have bought together my favourites of the bunch for you all to check out.

Ladies, treat your man to one of these and they will feel stylish in no time. They have seriously flew off the shelves and arrived everywhere – even Fashion Week.

Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Happy Holidays



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Westfield Christmas Event!

Westfield Christmas Shopping Event


FCUK Vintage Bodyspray £4  Topman Check Oversized Tee £10  H&M “Monte Bianco” Beanie £3 H&M Check Shirt £7 – Nike “Internationalist” £37


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few days, I’m sure you would have been aware of the dreaded day that is Black Friday!

The, probably, lesser-known shopping event that caught my attention was the Westfield Christmas Shopping Event which had many of the shops having deals to help start your Christmas shopping.

I had the absolute pleasure of being sent a £100 Gift Card to spend wherever I wanted over the course of the weekend.

So, obviously, as soon as the card was posted through my letterbox, I jumped on the bus to enjoy finding some bargains. And, my word, I found just that.

As you can see from the picture I treated myself to some beauties, especially the Nikes (which I can’t actually believe were only £37), to add to my ever-growing wardrobe.

There’s still time to go and grab something in the event, as it finishes tonight. (now ended – but you can still go shop at Westfield, check out what’s going on here.) So go, run and get some of your Christmas shopping whilst you can get a discount; you’ll regret it once it’s over!

I will post an OOTD with my buys soon enough, so keep your eyes peeled.



To celebrate the festive season, beginning tomorrow (December 1st) I will be posting lots of things to do with Christmas. I will be bringing you guys wishlists, best buys, exclusive discounts and much, much more. So keep your eyes peeled over the course of December as it’s promising to be a great month!




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