BRATHWAIT watches: Beyond The Mountains Campaign

If you guys remember my post a couple of months back about Brathwait Watches, then you would know that I absolutely adored them – and I’m pretty sure the unanimous reaction indicated the same.

Now, for the new year, the brand have surprised us by bringing out a new collection *squeals like a little girl* with an even better message than the first.

This time around, they have created the Beyond The Mountains campaign in association with the Sherpa, the unsung heroes of the Himalayas.

The Sherpa people are just as ordinary as any of us, but possess special knowledge about the mountains and the expeditions that happen there – so if someone was facing death, the Sherpa would help save them, risking their own lives in the process.

Amazing, right?!

So this is the reason Brathwait have teamed up to create a cause for the people that go unnoticed, but not for much longer. Because for every watch sold in this campaign, they will donate a days worth of wages to the people, the families and the community surrounding them praising them for their hard work.

The men acquire gentlemanly qualities and hard-working spirit that Brathwait strive to represent.

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I feel like I’m always bringing you guys fashion, so I thought it might be time to bring something different.


You can’t go wrong with watches, right?

And this brand is certainly that has done it correctly.

BRATHWAIT have been speeding up the rankings in the accessories world (which is entirely new to me so bare with) but have caught my eye with their new range.

The brand is named after English writer and poet Richard Brathwait, which is reflected through the designs of the timepieces with their effortless characteristics and impeccable performance – much like Brathwait’s intentions.

The brand is aiming towards creating a great service, the ultimate, personalised watch and all at a fraction of the price of luxury. That’s not to say that the brand wants to create something that isn’t luxury.

Their attitude is to create something that is totally unique to the buyer, giving them exactly what they want and ask for.

The desire to own a BRATHWAIT has rocketed in the past few months, sending them into overdrive. The demand is welcomed – the customer is assured quality is guaranteed every time and nothing will distract from the spectacle that ends up wrapped around their wrist.

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