How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I know what you’re all thinking and, believe me, I think that Instagram has gone downhill since the algorithm too, but that only means that we need to step our game up to get our content bigger and better than it was before – who doesn’t want to improve?!

That’s why I wanted to give an insight into what I use to get my photos Instagram-worthy, because I am such  a perfectionist and any old photo won’t do for me! I don’t consider myself a champ in any way so don’t take this as me sharing my wise words of wisdom, I just wanted to show how I get my pictures to a standard where they’re worth posting.


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Blogger's Savile Row Look Book

Male bloggers Savile Row Look book

What do you think of when someone mentions Savile Row?

If it’s suits and excellent tailoring then that’s exactly what we wanted to focus on for this shoot.

Myself and a couple of other top male bloggers (check their links below) got together to shoot a few of our favourite looks from the tailoring world to bring you this awesome lookbook, showcasing different styles from a variety of places.

Photography by Themba Erik

My suit is from Burton and it’s beautiful. I opted for a high street brand to show that it doesn’t cost a fortune to look nice – there are options at a fraction of the price of luxury that still allow you to look dapper. I was a bit out of my depth wearing a three piece suit but it was totally different. I love trying new things, getting myself out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did. The three handsome guys I had the pleasure of shooting with made it all worth it.

Let us know your thoughts on our looks and give the other guys a follow.

Adam @ The Male Stylist | Anton @ Style Division | Ben @ Twenty First Century Gent

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Job-seekers Attire!

Today, I went on the job hunt (once again) and wanted to show you what I wore – I know, how boring, right?!

So here it is!


I was going for the smart, casual look to attract the employer.

The smart grey roll-up trousers and black shirt (one button undone) create the perfect look and looks professional. It looks like something you would wear in an office on a day-to-day basis.

Shirt – £12.99 from H&M.

Trousers – £17.99 from ASOS.

I put my own spin on the outfit with my own additions. The denim jacket is one that I dug out at a car boot sale for £3. BARGAIN! The person clearly didn’t realise that they were selling a vintage Levi’s jacket for so little. I couldn’t resist it, or contain my excitement.

The scarf and hat were simply because it was cold. I love the pattern on the scarf though, slightly Burberry-esque. LOVE IT.

Scarf – £9.99 from H&M.

Hat – Unknown (it was a birthday present) but I’m sure you could find it online from River Island.

The shoes are a black pair of Converse with a fringe on the back (obviously not clear in the picture! Stupid iPhones!)

Shoes – £25 from Office. 

So there we have it, my outfit for finding a job. Hopefully it works. I’m sure you’ll hear if it did.

(Prices are from when I bought the items, they could have changed now. Maybe cheaper, GO CHECK THEM OUT!)

Ciao, x

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Buck up your ideas, Liam!

Recently, I was nominated for a Young Inspiring Blogger award and I realized that I need to start seriously blogging to try and show why I’ve been chosen. I’m not too sure what to say but yeah I’d be so grateful to receive because it will give me the boost that is dearly needed to make me more confident and proficient.


My principles: (I’ll try my hardest to stick to these!)

– Blog at least once a day!

– Comment on 3/4 blogs a day (at least) to show my support!

– Follow a handful of blogs that interest me and inspire me with my own blogging.

– Make friends with and gain respect from other bloggers.

– Be inspiring to others (hopefully) and get many responses to my posts.


If I should add anymore, just tell me and I’ll do it. 🙂

Cheers bloggers, x

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