Introducing: RUN&FELL

Bursting onto the ASOS Marketplace with their collection of specialist shirts and t shirts, this brand is one that really impresses.

They have definitely made an impression on the public, gaining a following on Twitter and soon to have their own website.

Whether you want a plain tee, or a handmade one with a funky pattern, this is the brand for you! Combining the modern artistry on the streets with the beauty of the English past to creates a completely unique look that really stands out from the crowd.

They have recently been chosen to showcase their collection at Vogue’s Fashion Night Out (#FNO) and I am extremely excited to see what the have to offer.

Granted, their pieces are a bit pricey (£40+ for a t-shirt), they are made from quality material that is proven to last long. And their designs are to die for.

Check them out on the ASOS Marketplace: (

And this is their new lookbook:


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Product of the Week – Brooklyn We Go Hard.

Born in 2010, Brooklyn We Go Hard is a label created by two friends fascinated by elsewhere.

Their new collection holds the winter colours that are apparent in all collection in the colder months.

The sweatshirts are especially a great addition to an outfit (albeit an expensive addition) keeping you warm but looking smart and sophisticated at the same time.

Only available for a limited time, the jumpers are a mix between cotton and wool fabrics to create that luxurious feel of warmth. Wearing these on a cold, winters day seems like a dream.

They come in a variety of 4 colours, all warming colours that seem fitting for the cold weather that we are always promised to expect.

Although BWGH are a relatively unknown brand, they have proved a hit within the fashion world with their famous knitted logos.

They are definitely worth a look on: ( or (








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My interview with Malmo London.

I sent some questions over to the Malmo London designers and have just received their answers! 



– How did it all start? What made you decide to make the collection?
It all started with  2 guys who wanted to start a clothing brand, without forgetting our roots.  We have quickly gained a loyal following as we care about the people that work for us and the young creatives we actively support. We never want to be a nasty corporation, using sweatshops and laughing all the way to the bank.
– I see that you like to take inspiration from the streets? Is there anything in particular that you look for or is it just whatever’s there?
I like to throw myself in. Get a cheap flight, get lost in a city, meet people, visit galleries, peoples studios- that’s my biggest inspiration. It doesn’t have to be limited to looking at clothes. That’s why the collection is sporadic- no-one wants to see the same old sh*t season after season.
– What’s the main difference between Swedish streets and London streets? (If there are any differences).
Personally I find, Sweden is very classy, homely & functionally focused. Whereas London is more gritty and spontaneous. Its great to bring together ideas from different areas, including Nepal; where our products are manufactured. A lot of inspiration has come from there as well.
– What sort of things do you look for when you put together Mo Monthly?
We look for aspiring creative talent. Be it music, design or indeed fashion. Something fresh, original & forward thinking.
– What’s your main piece of advice to the young designers out there that want to start out in design?
Ask yourself, “what’s stopping me doing this?”. Don’t be afraid of putting stuff ‘out there’. If you have confidence in yourself and a vision going forward, you will inevitably succeed.
(Here’s the lookbook for their Autumn/Winter collection:
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Super Sunday!

Today, in the football world, it is “Super Sunday”.
But in my world too, it’s super.

One reason is I have just reached 1,000 views on my blog. (Thanks to everyone that has viewed it and stuck with my boring posts)
Another reason is, it’s the first day of September. This is my favourite month as it’s when most things start. University. Winter (I love winter clothes and snow!)

The football aspect to this post wouldn’t usually be very important to me. But because my team (Liverpool) are playing our long rivals (Man U), I am slightly interested.
Me and my brother always clashed when our teams played and we still do, even though we don’t watch it anymore.

Anyways, might be going to the pub later to watch it. That’s how cool I am.

over and out, x


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Gimme all ur luvin'

Now, I know it seems that I’m posting way too much. But I just want people to see my blog and see what I’m doing.

I would love for it to become a port of call for people everyday and see what I’ve been talking about.

I admit, I do sometimes talk a load of rubbish, so I shouldn’t really blog. But you don’t know until you’ve looked.

I try to comment on other people’s blogs, like posts, give feedback and follow others. I would much appreciate if the same could be done for me. It gives me an idea of who I’m talking to and what you like to hear.

So go on, get in touch and tell me what you need.




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Prada Fall/Winter 2013-14 Menswear

Just watching this video and I realize this is exactly what I want to get into. I want to go fashion shows and write features on the amazing designs.

In this collection, I love the geek chic style and applaud Prada for keeping it subtle but still interesting. It shows the sleekness of the male with the perfection of the model and keeps every man wanting to be just like them. (I know I do!)

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"It's a new dawn, it's a new day!"

… “It’s a new life for me!”


Ok, fresh new day. Fresh start. Fresh mind. I feel a totally new person today. I’m not entirely sure why tbh but I just feel something new and exciting within me. Starting the day with a stroll in Roehampton, come back and have a black coffee with a little touch of chocolate. WOW! I feel good prospects for today.

I’m already getting used to blogging and I appreciate all the support I’ve got so far, it’s great! It’s exciting and gives a new aspect to life. I hope to advance in this blogging world and become frequent and engrossed. IT EXCITES ME. 

Because I feel so energetic, I’m gonna go to the library and crack on with my next essay. REALLY LIAM? WOW. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME? University has changed me, that’s what’s happened. I feel the need to do well and succeed.

Ok, chow for now!


“… and I’m feeeeeeeling goooooooooood!”

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