Summer Essentials with New Look

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Summer is over. I know. But guess what? It’s still July so I’m gonna bring you my Summer fashion Essentials courtesy of New Look.*

I picked up and put together a couple of outfits that will still look good even when the weather is getting a little bit colder. That will probably be in a few weeks, but doesn’t that just mean we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

So I’ve teamed up with New Look to help you pick up the last minute best pieces for this season! 

This season is all about floral prints, whether you like it or not. They are everywhere and this shirt is perfect for a summer’s evening at a BBQ or party. The subtle shade of green is enough to stand out but discreet enough to keep people from having to squint when they look at you! Floral prints doesn’t mean bright colours, so this is perfect. It’s on-trend, utterly chic and a guaranteed conversation-starter – namely, “omg where is your shirt from, it’s amazing?

If, like me, you get nervous about wearing shorts and then the weather suddenly changing to thunderstorms, then you need to invest in some cropped trousers like these. Not only do they go with every single outfit (all hail the colour black), but they are cropped just at the right length to allow coolness around your ankles. They are 100% cotton which also means they can keep you warm when you really need it too!

Next up, I wanted to believe that I worked in a sweet shop with the grey striped tee. If you don’t think your brave enough for the florals just yet, go for a basic striped t-shirt and you’ll do just fine. I’m a big fan of getting a size bigger because fitted is so last year (but also to decrease the chances of sweat marks – don’t say I’m not a genius!)

Summer isn’t complete without accessories, am i right? These polarised sunnies are my favourite in a looong time. I’m a proper sunglasses fiend, almost every shopping trip ends with me caving in and buying some: regardless of how many times my friends tell me, “you don’t need any more sunglasses, Liam!” (I even say this to myself sometimes.) But it never works, so I just go for it anyway. So yeah I got these because they are to. die. for.  

Shoes. Yes, shoes are important. Do you go for a sandal, flip flop or boot? It’s always a game of chance when choosing what works with your outfit, never mind considering what the weather might be like. Play it safe, go for a pair of loafers and feel comfortable and protected. If you’re feel super daring, go for a brown, if not, just stick to a blue or black. As you can see, I dared for the brown and boy am I glad! They are super comfy, totally seasonal and no laces; because who has time to tie laces anymore? I’ve got memories to be making.

So there’s my list of essentials to bring this awesome Summer to an even better end.

What’s on your list of must-haves?

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Photography by: Jadesamermaid

*products gifted for purposes of the post.

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  1. So amazing how you can put together such a fresh style and make it so practical and wearable! Love the whole look, especially the loafers and crop pants

  2. Yes Liam!
    These looks are so good. The photography is cracking too.

    I’ve always been tempted by brown loafers, but wasn’t sure if I could pull them off. These photos are properly tempting me again. May have to give them a go.


    1. Thanks, Pete! They are my favourite photos in a while!

      I was sceptical about the brown loafers at first, but since getting them they are amazing! I would definitely recommend.

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