Skechers: Autumn Style

As I have said in every single post since it started (here, here, here & here… oh, and here too!), Autumn is by far my favourite season. I feel like I’ve bought you guys everything, ranging from jackets, to suits, to blazers, but this time I am bringing something different: shoes. 

And not just any old shoes, these ones are from the brand that we all know and love – Skechers. 

I’m sure that at some point in our lives, we have all owned a pair of Skechers and played in them until the soles have worn off. That’s not what I plan with these ones and, anyway, I don’t think they would because of how durable they are.

They are the most perfect shoe for any season, but Autumn in particular as they provide, comfort, warmth and versatility for your feet.

The Relaxed Fit style is exactly what it says on the tin: relaxing! The memory foam insole is great at keeping your feet from aching, especially if you’re planning on taking them on an adventure.

The style I picked was more of a relaxed sporty style. They have the look of trainers, with a more sophisticated look and even more support than usual trainers. I feel like they could be styled with absolutely anything as they could definitely be seen as smart or casual.

They have many other styles in their collection (all available at Debenhams), including boots, trainers and smart shoes, so why not go and check them out and start planning your next adventure with your new favourite shoes!

Skecher: Relaxed Fit
where will your pair take you?

Shoes (gifted for purposes of the post)

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  1. These sketchers look pretty nice actually! Any other tips for a autumn wardrobe? You posted a while back a picture of a grey coat from Zara, and I actually bought it it navy, so any help would be super appreciated!
    Thanks Mike 🙂

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for reading! And it’s great to hear that you bought the coat, I loved it too! Are you wanting Skechers for a specific reason? I was torn between two, the ones I’ve featured and these: – they are pretty much identical so I did a heads or tails! I think the key to looking great in Autumn is dressing in the earthy colours, browns, greens, yellows, so it directly correlates with the season! Most places will be doing these colours anyway so it’s simple enough to make an outfit look good. I usually stick to minimal because then you can’t go wrong but it’s also very effective! Let me know if you need any more information, always happy to help! 🙂


  2. These trainers look pretty cool! But they don’t really look that nice on the Debenhams website? Are they any others like this you could recommend? Or any tips on getting a autumn wardrobe?

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