"Six Degrees of Separation"

Just gonna say it, I love this new song from The Script.

They have always been giving us heartfelt lyrics since the beginning of their reign of the charts, but this one is so strong I can relate. Everyone has been through this with someone in their life so I know we can all empathize. It’s just great that they’ve always been thrashing at our hearts with their powerful ballads and love songs. Since The Man Who Can’t Be Moved, I think everyone was hooked and totally captivated by this amazing melody with such sweet with lyrics. They write songs that fit with everyday life.

In this particular gem, they talk about the truths of life and how it’s not always happy.

Believing all this shit is gonna heal your heart, well it’s not, no!”

I just think it’s great that they constantly give us these love songs from a different angle and begin to make people think of life in a different way.


Oh yeah, and the lead singer is too bad either. Danny O’Donoghue. x

Danny O'Donoghue

Just look at those eyes. Beautiful man.


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