Just heard Devlin’s new song ‘Rewind’ on the radio and it made me seriously think about things I would love to rewind to.

The opening line is “There are many things that I would like to say to you” and I just immediately started thinking about my granddad and how I didn’t appreciate him as much when he was around. And now he’s gone I just think I really should have and it makes me sad to think that. He would be proud of me though, getting into University and all and actually doing something with my life! I think of him when I have a special moment in my life, like when I got my GCSE and A-Level results. I secretly had a little cry for him and prayed that he would be there watching over me, feeling proud.

I just sat and listened to the lyrics of the song and thought about him. So, yeah, thanks Devlin – definite purchase right there!

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