Playfully adult'ing

90:10 Man

I know I’m now 21 and don’t have time to actually go crazy much anymore, but there’s always that one time where you just need to let your hair down.

This is exactly the premise of new menswear brand 90:10. It was created bearing in mind that someone is always 90% Adult with that little 10% still being a child.

So, I headed to the park to have a little fun on the playground.

90:10 Man

The selection of hoodies are great for a cover-up before/after the gym when you don’t want to wear anything too heavy or hot.

They also have a nifty little earphone hole in the front pocket which gives ease of access to your music when on-the-go.

So, get out there, go a bit crazy and release that 10% child that is inside of all us.

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