It’s September next week (woah!), so with not long until Christmas, I thought I would express my feelings with you all about it. *see back of tshirt*

Anyways, with that irrelevance off my chest, I will share with you what I really wanted to say. It’s a brand that speaks directly to my heart. One that puts precisely my mood onto an item of clothing.

Five Pound Tee are a brand that does exactly what it says on the tin – FIVE POUND TSHIRTS. Their idea of inexpensive quality can appeal to each and every one of us, so creating designs for the masses is essential.

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I graduated…

So as some of you may have seen, if you follow me on any social media, I graduated on Monday with a Bachelors degree in Journalism. finally

Liam Pitts Ba Hons Journalism

After three years of blood, sweat and tears it has come to an end and I am still unsure of what to make of the whole situation. Going from study nights in the library, endless hours of group work and forcing every ounce of effort into my work to doing absolutely nothing is the most surreal feeling ever.

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London Collections: Men Day 1

Hello everyone! Happy June. How quick is this year going?!

And another fashion week already. This time it’s the men’s turn and I was so excited to be writing about it for the first time with Noctis Magazine! This season saw the addition of another day, turning it into a 4 day extravaganza showcasing the best in all of menswear!

I feel honoured to be working with Primark for this season to help spread the word about their menswear collections – especially their Instagram account dedicated to the mens fashion: @Primark.man#PrimarkSpring15

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Destination Wedding Styling Event with M&S

Now, I don’t know about you but over the past couple of weeks, my social media timelines have been inundated with wedding pictures – ranging from rings, outfits and official wedding photos! A summer wedding is something that appeals to everyone (even myself), so seeing this makes me slightly jealous – but it also gives me plenty of inspiration.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the main sources of photos that people use for inspiration, with wedding boards being the main bulk of the pinning platform.

Marks and Spencers hosted a styling event where myself and a few other fashion industry folk were invited to create looks based on different settings for a wedding location. We were welcomed with champagne and canapés, got introduced to the team of experts at M&S and then got underway with the styling.

We all got given a destination for a wedding, for example I got Contemporary City Wedding for my first look and Relaxed Beach Wedding for the second.

After hearing about the different suits that the company has to offer for the next season, we all scrambled around to find the perfect look – choosing everything from the suit to the little accessories.

When the looks were complete, we were asked to present our outfit, thinking about every inch of details, why we chose it and what member of the wedding would be wearing it!

Choosing the right suit is crucial for a wedding, matching it with the bride and the rest of the party! A man’s individual style can be incorporated into what he wears, as these exercises shown.

Whether you’re looking to stick to tradition, rocking the top hat and tailcoat, or go for something different such as a a straw hat and brogues, then M&S certainly have you sorted for your day to remember. Browse the range by clicking here.

I was joined by Ally from Ally In Blunderland, Ellie from Elle Next Door, Matt from Kingsdown Roots and David from Grey Fox.

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3 Ways to Style a Blazer

3 ways to style a blazer


I got challenged by House of Fraser to look through the past fashions of Awards Shows and create my own lookbook for an outfit worthy of the red carpet.

The department store teams up with the BAFTAs each year to show that British men have what it takes to shine when in the spotlight.

Here’s some of the inspiration I took from previous years. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My three outfits got more casual as I went along because I wanted to show that a blazer doesn’t have to be worn with a shirt and suit trousers to work.

My first look does pair the blazer with a shirt and formal trousers to create the ultimate sophisticated outfit that could be worn anywhere – especially worthy for any of the red carpet events.

My second look comprises of wearing the blazer with a jumper and skinny black jeans. Wearing a jumper can still be considered to be smart and going for the right colour really helps – I went for a deep red as it’s bold and formal. And there’s nothing wrong with skinny black jeans, they’re definitely something that every man should have in his wardrobe as they can dress up or dress down an outfit.

My third, and most casual look, consists of a floral t-shirt, jeans and trainers. I know this might not be suitable for the red carpet, but for everyday it can be perfect. Floral for spring (duh), comfortable jeans and appropriate trainers make for the best casual look that is completed by the blazer.

Let me know what you think and feel free to comment how you’d style the blazer!


*Tommy Hilfiger blazer was gifted for purposes of the post. 

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Blogger's Savile Row Look Book

Male bloggers Savile Row Look book

What do you think of when someone mentions Savile Row?

If it’s suits and excellent tailoring then that’s exactly what we wanted to focus on for this shoot.

Myself and a couple of other top male bloggers (check their links below) got together to shoot a few of our favourite looks from the tailoring world to bring you this awesome lookbook, showcasing different styles from a variety of places.

Photography by Themba Erik

My suit is from Burton and it’s beautiful. I opted for a high street brand to show that it doesn’t cost a fortune to look nice – there are options at a fraction of the price of luxury that still allow you to look dapper. I was a bit out of my depth wearing a three piece suit but it was totally different. I love trying new things, getting myself out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did. The three handsome guys I had the pleasure of shooting with made it all worth it.

Let us know your thoughts on our looks and give the other guys a follow.

Adam @ The Male Stylist | Anton @ Style Division | Ben @ Twenty First Century Gent

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Future Fashion @ Stratford Westfield

If, like me, you’re interested in the future of fashion and love to keep up with the latest developments in shopping, then this event was great for showcasing the innovative ways in creating an interactive experience for shoppers.

The event took place over 3 days over the bank holiday weekend at Westfield Stratford and explored the main trends of the Spring/Summer 15 Season – Denim, Floral and Future Modern.

Undeniably, one of the best attractions was the use of Virtual Reality headsets which transports the user into a world based on the three separate themes and lets them explore a land using their own hand-gestures and head movements. It enables the person a chance to interact with virtual characters, fly throughout the landscape and mix’n’match the different trends of the season all within one space.

Keeping the kids entertained was easy! The huge interactive screens that used motion capture incorporated movements on the LED display, again involving the season trends, was a load of fun! A projector caught the motion of the person and transported their silhouette onto the screen for all to see, giving them an outline of a denim mannequin or a human-shaped flower.

The whole event was sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters, with themselves having their own pop up space which allowed shoppers to see a selection of jeans and get a chance to try them on. They also ran a competition where a shopper can win an AEO spree if they posted a picture of them trying on the jeans including the hashtag #AEOdenimdiaries.

Another fantastic feature of the event showed a webpage called EditMe which allows a shopper to see everything that can be bought in the Westfield shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for a simple shirt or a patterned dress, the shopper is able to filter their search to colour, style, shape and price until they’ve found the perfect option. It shows if a store has it in stock, if it’s in the sale and even how far you have to walk to get to the store. I’m sure this will be something that will be spread throughout shopping centres as it makes a shopper’s life easier by telling them exactly what is available for them to buy.

The future of fashion looks promising if this event is anything to go by!

Here’s my entry into the #AEOdenimdiaries:

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Joules Summer Wishlist

Joules Summer Wishlist

T-Shirt (Blue & Pink) – £24.95 | T-Shirt (White & Green) – £24.95 |                    Coat – £69.95 | Shirt – £39.95 | Brogues – £195 | iPhone Case – £19.95 |                          Shorts – £49.95 |

It’s April, hooray! And hopefully it will start to get warmer from now on. But you know British weather and how it likes to surprise us with torrential downpours and deadly blizzards.

Regardless, I thought I would bring you guys a summer wishlist – being super optimistic that the weather does actually start to get better and we can began wearing short sleeve tees and short shorts.

This wishlist comes entirely from Joules and their impeccable collection that deals with the basics, but with the guaranteed quality that we always look for.

Their range of clothing should be warmly welcomed into every person’s wardrobe as they resonate class and impeccable style.

Whether you’re opting for the casual tee or going a bit smarter with a collared shirt, Joules have you all sorted this summertime. Their range of tees would be a perfect addition to your suitcase for your holidays. And the shirts are ideal for those warm nights when you want to keep it “smasual” (yep, I’m making that happen!) if you’re going for a meal.

The brogues. I mean, do they even need any description? A man can never have enough smart shoes. Whether they are worn with a fresh pair of chinos or rocked with some shorts (oh, look, I’ve picked some out you!), your feet will be envied by all.

The phone case is just a little novelty item that I chose to try and tempt the weather to be a bit nicer, even if it doesn’t actually deliver.

And because you never know what will happen, Joules have you covered (literally) with their stunning range of coats. So if you want to throw something over your outfit that will practically save your life if it does rain, then you know where to look. They have rain macs, lightweight bomber jackets and quilted jackets to suit every mood.

So there you have it, my Summer Wishlist from Joules and their range of summer items.

Do let me know your opinions on the pieces I have chosen and especially if you have been inspired to make a purchase!


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Playfully adult'ing

90:10 Man

I know I’m now 21 and don’t have time to actually go crazy much anymore, but there’s always that one time where you just need to let your hair down.

This is exactly the premise of new menswear brand 90:10. It was created bearing in mind that someone is always 90% Adult with that little 10% still being a child.

So, I headed to the park to have a little fun on the playground.

90:10 Man

The selection of hoodies are great for a cover-up before/after the gym when you don’t want to wear anything too heavy or hot.

They also have a nifty little earphone hole in the front pocket which gives ease of access to your music when on-the-go.

So, get out there, go a bit crazy and release that 10% child that is inside of all us.

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OOTD: Turtle 'n' Anchor

London Skyline

Hey everyone, I’m back. And Happy March!

As some of you may know, I attended London Fashion Week working as a writer for Noctis Magazine (check out my work on their website). This was such an amazing time for me, it felt awesome to be able to write, get my work published and be immersed in the atmosphere of LFW – something which I’ve dreamt of for years.

So now I’m back to everyday life and normality. *sigh*

But all is well and I have another Outfit post to share, with a great accessory addition to my outfit.

Anchor And Crew bracelet

This bracelet, from Anchor and Crew, is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit – especially in the summer.

They offers a great range of bracelets that incorporates rope and chains to reflect the ideology of the brand.

I know it’s moving onto warmer weather and I should be transitioning into t-shirts and shorts, but there’s still a little nip in the air – hence why I haven’t paired this bracelet with a beach outfit.


I went for the turtle because, c’mon, you can’t go wrong with a turtle neck!

I covered myself up with my leather jacket because it pretty much goes with every outfit. It can also be worn in the summer as it isn’t too thick – I’m looking forward to wearing it out and about in London this summer and sharing with you guys!

And these jeans. For some reason, they are my new thing. I’ve always believed that you can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans, even for a guy!

Leather Jacket – Forever 21

Turtle Neck – Next

Jeans – GAP (gained from a Swapshop!)

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