Blogger's Savile Row Look Book

Male bloggers Savile Row Look book

What do you think of when someone mentions Savile Row?

If it’s suits and excellent tailoring then that’s exactly what we wanted to focus on for this shoot.

Myself and a couple of other top male bloggers (check their links below) got together to shoot a few of our favourite looks from the tailoring world to bring you this awesome lookbook, showcasing different styles from a variety of places.

Photography by Themba Erik

My suit is from Burton and it’s beautiful. I opted for a high street brand to show that it doesn’t cost a fortune to look nice – there are options at a fraction of the price of luxury that still allow you to look dapper. I was a bit out of my depth wearing a three piece suit but it was totally different. I love trying new things, getting myself out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did. The three handsome guys I had the pleasure of shooting with made it all worth it.

Let us know your thoughts on our looks and give the other guys a follow.

Adam @ The Male Stylist | Anton @ Style Division | Ben @ Twenty First Century Gent

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Future Fashion @ Stratford Westfield

If, like me, you’re interested in the future of fashion and love to keep up with the latest developments in shopping, then this event was great for showcasing the innovative ways in creating an interactive experience for shoppers.

The event took place over 3 days over the bank holiday weekend at Westfield Stratford and explored the main trends of the Spring/Summer 15 Season – Denim, Floral and Future Modern.

Undeniably, one of the best attractions was the use of Virtual Reality headsets which transports the user into a world based on the three separate themes and lets them explore a land using their own hand-gestures and head movements. It enables the person a chance to interact with virtual characters, fly throughout the landscape and mix’n’match the different trends of the season all within one space.

Keeping the kids entertained was easy! The huge interactive screens that used motion capture incorporated movements on the LED display, again involving the season trends, was a load of fun! A projector caught the motion of the person and transported their silhouette onto the screen for all to see, giving them an outline of a denim mannequin or a human-shaped flower.

The whole event was sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters, with themselves having their own pop up space which allowed shoppers to see a selection of jeans and get a chance to try them on. They also ran a competition where a shopper can win an AEO spree if they posted a picture of them trying on the jeans including the hashtag #AEOdenimdiaries.

Another fantastic feature of the event showed a webpage called EditMe which allows a shopper to see everything that can be bought in the Westfield shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for a simple shirt or a patterned dress, the shopper is able to filter their search to colour, style, shape and price until they’ve found the perfect option. It shows if a store has it in stock, if it’s in the sale and even how far you have to walk to get to the store. I’m sure this will be something that will be spread throughout shopping centres as it makes a shopper’s life easier by telling them exactly what is available for them to buy.

The future of fashion looks promising if this event is anything to go by!

Here’s my entry into the #AEOdenimdiaries:

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Joules Summer Wishlist

Joules Summer Wishlist

T-Shirt (Blue & Pink) – £24.95 | T-Shirt (White & Green) – £24.95 |                    Coat – £69.95 | Shirt – £39.95 | Brogues – £195 | iPhone Case – £19.95 |                          Shorts – £49.95 |

It’s April, hooray! And hopefully it will start to get warmer from now on. But you know British weather and how it likes to surprise us with torrential downpours and deadly blizzards.

Regardless, I thought I would bring you guys a summer wishlist – being super optimistic that the weather does actually start to get better and we can began wearing short sleeve tees and short shorts.

This wishlist comes entirely from Joules and their impeccable collection that deals with the basics, but with the guaranteed quality that we always look for.

Their range of clothing should be warmly welcomed into every person’s wardrobe as they resonate class and impeccable style.

Whether you’re opting for the casual tee or going a bit smarter with a collared shirt, Joules have you all sorted this summertime. Their range of tees would be a perfect addition to your suitcase for your holidays. And the shirts are ideal for those warm nights when you want to keep it “smasual” (yep, I’m making that happen!) if you’re going for a meal.

The brogues. I mean, do they even need any description? A man can never have enough smart shoes. Whether they are worn with a fresh pair of chinos or rocked with some shorts (oh, look, I’ve picked some out you!), your feet will be envied by all.

The phone case is just a little novelty item that I chose to try and tempt the weather to be a bit nicer, even if it doesn’t actually deliver.

And because you never know what will happen, Joules have you covered (literally) with their stunning range of coats. So if you want to throw something over your outfit that will practically save your life if it does rain, then you know where to look. They have rain macs, lightweight bomber jackets and quilted jackets to suit every mood.

So there you have it, my Summer Wishlist from Joules and their range of summer items.

Do let me know your opinions on the pieces I have chosen and especially if you have been inspired to make a purchase!


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Playfully adult'ing

90:10 Man

I know I’m now 21 and don’t have time to actually go crazy much anymore, but there’s always that one time where you just need to let your hair down.

This is exactly the premise of new menswear brand 90:10. It was created bearing in mind that someone is always 90% Adult with that little 10% still being a child.

So, I headed to the park to have a little fun on the playground.

90:10 Man

The selection of hoodies are great for a cover-up before/after the gym when you don’t want to wear anything too heavy or hot.

They also have a nifty little earphone hole in the front pocket which gives ease of access to your music when on-the-go.

So, get out there, go a bit crazy and release that 10% child that is inside of all us.

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OOTD: Turtle 'n' Anchor

London Skyline

Hey everyone, I’m back. And Happy March!

As some of you may know, I attended London Fashion Week working as a writer for Noctis Magazine (check out my work on their website). This was such an amazing time for me, it felt awesome to be able to write, get my work published and be immersed in the atmosphere of LFW – something which I’ve dreamt of for years.

So now I’m back to everyday life and normality. *sigh*

But all is well and I have another Outfit post to share, with a great accessory addition to my outfit.

Anchor And Crew bracelet

This bracelet, from Anchor and Crew, is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit – especially in the summer.

They offers a great range of bracelets that incorporates rope and chains to reflect the ideology of the brand.

I know it’s moving onto warmer weather and I should be transitioning into t-shirts and shorts, but there’s still a little nip in the air – hence why I haven’t paired this bracelet with a beach outfit.


I went for the turtle because, c’mon, you can’t go wrong with a turtle neck!

I covered myself up with my leather jacket because it pretty much goes with every outfit. It can also be worn in the summer as it isn’t too thick – I’m looking forward to wearing it out and about in London this summer and sharing with you guys!

And these jeans. For some reason, they are my new thing. I’ve always believed that you can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans, even for a guy!

Leather Jacket – Forever 21

Turtle Neck – Next

Jeans – GAP (gained from a Swapshop!)

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BRATHWAIT watches: Beyond The Mountains Campaign

If you guys remember my post a couple of months back about Brathwait Watches, then you would know that I absolutely adored them – and I’m pretty sure the unanimous reaction indicated the same.

Now, for the new year, the brand have surprised us by bringing out a new collection *squeals like a little girl* with an even better message than the first.

This time around, they have created the Beyond The Mountains campaign in association with the Sherpa, the unsung heroes of the Himalayas.

The Sherpa people are just as ordinary as any of us, but possess special knowledge about the mountains and the expeditions that happen there – so if someone was facing death, the Sherpa would help save them, risking their own lives in the process.

Amazing, right?!

So this is the reason Brathwait have teamed up to create a cause for the people that go unnoticed, but not for much longer. Because for every watch sold in this campaign, they will donate a days worth of wages to the people, the families and the community surrounding them praising them for their hard work.

The men acquire gentlemanly qualities and hard-working spirit that Brathwait strive to represent.

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"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content"

On Sunday, I had a day off and the weather was divine, so I decided to venture to Richmond Park and get some shots for my Magazine University Project.

The concept of the magazine is a health and fitness guide which doesn’t support the idea of diets or supplements but reinforces the importance of keeping healthy – by regular exercise and eating right.

I decided to go for a brisk walk to Richmond Park to capture some images of the various places to go for a run/walk/cycle and I am so glad I did.

The beauty of the park is something that I have completely overlooked since being placed just a stone’s throw away for University.

Sometimes just going to a place like this is enough to calm you down, cleanse the soul and create inner peace with any problems or troubles going on in your life.

I just walked. And walked. Taking photos as I went along to capture the stunning picturesque park in all it’s glory.

The sun was shining high in the sky and it was pretty warm, it was a perfect day to see the park to it’s full potential and document my walk with images that I am proud of.

I only managed to walk a little bit (I checked on Google Maps when I got home!) and I was completely astonished by the sheer size and density of the park itself. It covers over 3.5 square miles and is around three times the size of Central Park in New York – just to put that into perspective for you guys!

Whilst I was there, my phone died so I was just able to wallow in the beauty of the place and get beyond my thoughts, taking steps further and further into the stunning wilderness that swallows you up and throws you out somewhere new.

Here’s a few of my photos I took whilst there – bearing in mind they were taken on my iPhone 5, I think I captured some great shots. I’d love to know what you think.
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Valentines Day for Him!

The ultimate wishlist for men this Valentines Day!
The ultimate wishlist for men this Valentines Day!

“Top 10 For Men” Book | Daniel Wellington “Sheffield” Watch | Lyle & Scott Hip-Flask | Beats By Dre | Barbour Washbag | Adidas Superstar | Uppercut Gift Set | Lyle & Scott Wallet | Paco Rabanne Invictus Gift Set


It’s that time of the year again (cue simultaneous single people moan) so I thought I’d bring you lovely people a list of things to get your lucky man this Valentines Day.

We all know that guys are becoming even more expensive to buy for, but don’t worry I have some things that won’t mean you have to break the bank to get the best present.

My list contains everything a guy needs to look good, feel good, smell good and even make himself a better man! *insert tensing arms emoji here*

From the Adidas Superstar trainers, to the Lyle & Scott hip flask (which is an essential in my opinion), I have attempted to cater for every man and their needs.

Let me know what you think of my list, certainly if you go ahead and treat your guy to something from it.

Now, go and be the best significant other in history and you can thank me later!

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Nowadays, there are not so many campaigns that are quite so fun or break out from that seriousness of the shoots. Cara and Kate removed the conventions of the “serious bitch-face” with the My Burberry campaign and Diesel have jumped on board and delivered us this absolute bundle of joy!

The concept, bought to us by non other than Nicola Formichetti, screams happiness, love and celebration. The idea is shown to highlight how embracing everything about yourself is normal, mostly due to the inclusion of the budding model Chantelle Brown-Young who has a rare skin disease that leaves white patches all over her body. Despite the fact that she was bullied all of her life, the 20 year-old from Toronto went on to being chosen to star on America’s Next Top Model and is now in this campaign.

All of the models are fresh-faced, young, sexy and flirty which oozes appeal from Diesel and their approach towards fashion.

Have a look at the campaign posters below and see for yourselves. Let me know your thoughts!


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Monthly Music Favourites [JANUARY]


So, I’ve got something a little bit different for you guys. Every month I’m gonna be setting up a Monthly Favourites playlist over on my Soundcloud, which I will then talk about on my blog. Feel free to subscribe to the playlist, give me suggestions, share or simply just get some new music to listen to!


Bebe Rexha – I’m Gonna Show You Crazy

This girl burst onto he scene featuring with Cash Cash with their smash hit Take Me Home, but now Bebe is taking the world by storm on her own. This is her second single, following the huge success of I Can’t Stop Drinking About You, which promises to be another hit we can belt out. The lyrics alone show her bad girl attitude and her alternative view of love, explaining how she will be a ‘psychopath’. I am sure there’s much more to come from this young Albanian, so keep your eyes, and especially your ears, wide open.


Kwabs – Walk 

This 24 year old from Bermondsey in South London has been going from strength to strength. After starting out by covering songs on YouTube, his cover of James Blake‘s The Wilhelm Dream went viral, he has gained international recognition since releasing this single in October last year. Even though it didn’t chart highly here in the UK, it became hugely popular in Germany and Austria and was even number one in the iTunes Music Chart for quite some time. This inspirational song is bringing great things for this guy, so watch out for his soulful voice in the future.


Tove Lo – Talking Body

This Swedish pop-sensation has been spotted all over the charts for the past few months, but only as a feature. Now, with the release of her own music, she is certainly earnt those places in the mainstream music charts. Taken from her Queen of the Clouds EP, Talking Body is a relaxing pop ballad that gives an unconventional view of love. The 27 year-old really has done everything, toured with Katy Perry, written for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack with Scream My Name and has recently teamed up with Alesso for the smash hit song (that’s obviously going to be a summer song) Heroes (We Could Be). This is just the start for this girl, so get used to hearing her name a lot.


Charli XCX – Doing It (Ft. Rita Ora) 

A playlist wouldn’t be complete without a bit of CharliAnd what a song. This time, 22 year-old Charlotte Aitchison has pulled Rita Ora in for the ultimate girl-power song to kick off the year. After being catapulted into our heads with Icona Pop and their ever-so-catchy hit I Don’t Care (I Love It), this girl has been here, there and everywhere. Her CV certainly is becoming something of a spectacle, featuring working with Iggy Azalea, opening all legs of Katy Perry‘s Prismatic Tour  and writing songs for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. C’mon, you have to admit that you love this girl – well, you have to, I don’t think she’s going anywhere anytime soon.


Sam Smith – How Will I Know (SJUR Remix) 

I found this gem after searching through the depths of Soundcloud and I play it all day, on repeat, everywhere I go. And I think this man needs no introductions to his awesome voice and his angelic way of melting our hearts. Sam Smith is probably the singer of the Century (arguable, I guess) and has been dominating the world song by song. This guy is only 22 and seems to have done everything, gained international acclaim for his debut album In The Lonely Hoursang with Mary J bloody Blige and given us the best rendition of shower Beyonce ever. And if anyone is able to do Whitney justice, it’s this guy. Give it a listen and fall in love with the boy once more – I know I have.


DJ FRESH – Gravity (Ft. Ella Eyre) 

Once again, DJ Fresh is bringing us an ultimate banger. But it’s the 20 year-old from West London that provides the vocals in this record that guarantees success. Ella Eyre has been on the radar for some time now after working with superstars Rudimental, Tinie Tempah and many more. This tune promises to be helping us transition into summer with the sick drum ‘n’ bass beat that is hard-hitting and makes you just wanna dance. She came second in the BRIT: Critic’s Choice Award (only to Sam Smith himself), won Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards and has announced to be supporting Olly Murs on his area tour in 2015. Wow! This girl is destined for great things. I can’t wait to see more from her, you should be excited too!


Fifth Harmony – Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars Cover)

I think these 5 latinos need no introduction because of that X-Factor final performance that stuck their song BO$$ in our heads for weeks (it still hasn’t escaped mine!) The girls, that finished third in X-Factor USA, have covered this song that seems to be absolutely everrrrrrywhere at the moment and it might just be their greatest cover to date. Since finishing the competition, they have been dominating the world, touring with Demi Lovato, visiting the White House and getting praise from Michelle Obama herself and setting up their own clothing line. Just give the song a listen, it gives a fresh take on the song with their voices and resonates their sassy attitude. Remember their name, I guarantee they will be everywhere in 2015.


Kygo – Firestone (Ft. Conrad)

This guy is relatively unknown in the UK,  but in Norway (where he’s from), he’s a huge name. He has recently accumulated over 80 million views on his YouTube videos and Soundcloud mixes, with Firestone being his most recent success. This remix shys away from the melancholic original and gives it a new relaxing feel, giving you something to chill out to. Since his breakthrough last year, the 23 year-old has been contacted by supergroup Coldplay to remix their song Midnight and has warmed up for Swedish genius DJ Avicii for a festival in Norway. It seems like this guy is sticking to remixes at the moment, but he will get his time – trust me!


Sigma – Higher (Ft. Labrinth)

I’m pretty sure that this drum ‘n’ bass duo from Leeds need absolutely no introduction whatsoever. Since bursting onto the UK charts with their genius rework of Kanye’Bound 2, they have been dominating the mainstream music scene, releasing masterpiece after masterpiece. And I’m sure this will be no different. I’m not a huge fan of Labrinth, but anything that these boys (Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie who met whilst at University) do seems to be turning to gold so it would be foolish not to feature them on my playlist. After topping the charts twice, with Nobody To Love and Changing which featured vocals from Paloma Faith, this group is destined for great things. I’m certain they will be dominating the airplay in 2015 too!


Years and Years – Desire 

This trio from London have been catapulted into the charts lately with their catchy lyrics, electronic beats and enticing vocals. Since the release of this single, they were shortlisted for the BBC’s Sound of 2015 list and came out on top of the poll at the beginning of this year. This song has been absolutely everywhere and you’d had have to been living under a rock to not hear it. After recently teaming up with The Magician on his top-ten hit Sunlight and Tourist with Illuminate, they have been stamping their names onto the charts. I’m sure these boys will be bringing a summer hit for us this year, so keep listening for them on my playlists in the future.


Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

I dare you to listen to a Jess Glynne song without feeling extremely happy. And this one is no different. The cheery upbeat tempo and positive lyrics deem this Hampstead born girl success once more. She has constantly been in the charts for the past year and it doesn’t seem she is going anywhere soon. Since working with Route 94, she provided the vocals for Rather Be with electronic quartet Clean Bandit, released her top-ten debut single Right Here and sang at every festival you could ever think of. And it seems that her and Clean Bandit loved working together so much, they collaborated again and delivered the smash Real Love. She’s sure come a long way from being rejected from X-Factor when she was just 15. It just reminds us that talent shows aren’t always the best way to get into the industry. Hard work is what pays off and this lass has proved that she can really do it.


Thank you for listening.

Give me your comments on my playlist, share with your friends and maybe even subscribe to get my monthly updates on the songs I think will be big.
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