"It's a new dawn, it's a new day!"

… “It’s a new life for me!”


Ok, fresh new day. Fresh start. Fresh mind. I feel a totally new person today. I’m not entirely sure why tbh but I just feel something new and exciting within me. Starting the day with a stroll in Roehampton, come back and have a black coffee with a little touch of chocolate. WOW! I feel good prospects for today.

I’m already getting used to blogging and I appreciate all the support I’ve got so far, it’s great! It’s exciting and gives a new aspect to life. I hope to advance in this blogging world and become frequent and engrossed. IT EXCITES ME. 

Because I feel so energetic, I’m gonna go to the library and crack on with my next essay. REALLY LIAM? WOW. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME? University has changed me, that’s what’s happened. I feel the need to do well and succeed.

Ok, chow for now!


“… and I’m feeeeeeeling goooooooooood!”

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Early morning post!

Hey bloggers, I’m awake as I slept all of yesterday. 

Gooooood morning, on this very cold morning. (I know it’s cold because my window doesn’t close properly so there’s a draught – bad times!) I feel like going for a run though. I’m not sure why just because I’m never up at this time and people go out this early. Don’t they? Oh, I don’t know! 

Anyway, quick update on my life. I’m still Liam, still at uni, still bored, still awake and basically yeah. Nothing new. OH I got a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz – 403, 650. BEAT THAT BITCHES. 

I hope someone reads my blog one day, I think I need fame (lol). I’m joking but I do want people to read it, hopefully I’m fun? I dunno. 

Okay, so I’m gonna get up and do something productive (I probably won’t) so maybe blog later, chowwwwww!

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First post.

Ok, so urm hi bloggers! I’ve never really done anything like this before, so be nice please!

These first few posts might be complete and utter rubbish but yeah I’m giving it a go. Unlike you guuuurl.

Today, I finished my first proper essay for my university course (YAY) and I feel the need to write so this is it. as I said it will most probably be nothing that no-one will read but if you wanna read, GO FOR IT BABES.

I had a weird encounter today. A gay guy. Ok, I’m gay myself but bitch please, this guy was nearly a girl. He was dancing, singing, whipping his hair (sing the line, go on, do it, DO IT!) and I just felt completely awkward. I mean, I felt awkward in my own kitchen and I didn’t it. I should feel comfortable to walk into my kitchen with a low-cut t-shirt and (quite tight) shorts on. but NOOOOOOO he had to be there didn’t he. I feel slightly bad for saying he like he isn’t a he, but whatevz, he’s practically a girl. and he will probably never read this. Gabriel if you’re reading this, hi and I’m not sorry. OH YEAH AND HIS NAME IS GABRIEL. AND HE PRONOUNCES IT GAY-BRIEL. like seriously. what is that? a clue as to your sexuality? like. what? and he was looking me up and down and winking and just urgh stop flaunting it girl. he was a girl. AND THEN. oh and then he spoke to me… “are you Liam?” WHAT? DON’T TALK TO ME. that’s just, no. go away and put your eyes back in babe. I’m totes not interested in you and just go away. WOW I’m actually really homophobic. Ugh, bitch please. If you’d seen him, you’d be writing a blog about it too.

ANYWAYS, moving on. I watched The Young Apprentice, and OH MY GOD Maria annoys me. like, GIRL STOP BITCHING. she just BITCHES and shouts and evils and breathes and lives and bitches more and just oh my give it a rest. Ok enough about this because I’m getting angry just writing this.

Off to bed now, it’s 1:36am on December 2nd. WOW DECEMBER SECOND. I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

Ok, Love you, bye.

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