Life in between two pieces of bread.

I have finally figured out the meaning of life. Costa’s Paninis. They are the greatest things ever! Like heaven in bread, literally I couldn’t live without them. They are just so yummy. The cheese, the ham, the tuna, the meatball. OH MY LORD I just wanna eat them all day. I mean, if I could survive on them, I totes would.

The toasted bread.

The mustard.




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Just heard Devlin’s new song ‘Rewind’ on the radio and it made me seriously think about things I would love to rewind to.

The opening line is “There are many things that I would like to say to you” and I just immediately started thinking about my granddad and how I didn’t appreciate him as much when he was around. And now he’s gone I just think I really should have and it makes me sad to think that. He would be proud of me though, getting into University and all and actually doing something with my life! I think of him when I have a special moment in my life, like when I got my GCSE and A-Level results. I secretly had a little cry for him and prayed that he would be there watching over me, feeling proud.

I just sat and listened to the lyrics of the song and thought about him. So, yeah, thanks Devlin – definite purchase right there!

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"It's a new dawn, it's a new day!"

… “It’s a new life for me!”


Ok, fresh new day. Fresh start. Fresh mind. I feel a totally new person today. I’m not entirely sure why tbh but I just feel something new and exciting within me. Starting the day with a stroll in Roehampton, come back and have a black coffee with a little touch of chocolate. WOW! I feel good prospects for today.

I’m already getting used to blogging and I appreciate all the support I’ve got so far, it’s great! It’s exciting and gives a new aspect to life. I hope to advance in this blogging world and become frequent and engrossed. IT EXCITES ME. 

Because I feel so energetic, I’m gonna go to the library and crack on with my next essay. REALLY LIAM? WOW. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME? University has changed me, that’s what’s happened. I feel the need to do well and succeed.

Ok, chow for now!


“… and I’m feeeeeeeling goooooooooood!”

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Early morning post!

Hey bloggers, I’m awake as I slept all of yesterday. 

Gooooood morning, on this very cold morning. (I know it’s cold because my window doesn’t close properly so there’s a draught – bad times!) I feel like going for a run though. I’m not sure why just because I’m never up at this time and people go out this early. Don’t they? Oh, I don’t know! 

Anyway, quick update on my life. I’m still Liam, still at uni, still bored, still awake and basically yeah. Nothing new. OH I got a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz – 403, 650. BEAT THAT BITCHES. 

I hope someone reads my blog one day, I think I need fame (lol). I’m joking but I do want people to read it, hopefully I’m fun? I dunno. 

Okay, so I’m gonna get up and do something productive (I probably won’t) so maybe blog later, chowwwwww!

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