On a serious note.

I would like to thank all my first followers, likers and viewers in making my first proper day of blogging a great. With 15 followers, 90 views and 71 likes, I really appreciate it all.

Especially¬†http://eyesforgaia.wordpress.com as you’ve made me feel very welcome and special. I hope to continue our journey and stay in touch!


Thanks so much every single one of you! ūüôā x

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"Six Degrees of Separation"

Just gonna say it, I love this new song from The Script.

They have always been giving us heartfelt lyrics since the beginning of their reign of the charts, but this one is so strong I can relate. Everyone has been through this with someone in their life so I know we can all empathize. It’s just great that they’ve always been thrashing at our hearts with their powerful ballads and love songs. Since The Man Who Can’t Be Moved,¬†I think everyone was hooked and totally captivated by this amazing melody with such sweet with lyrics. They write songs that fit with everyday life.

In this particular gem, they talk about the truths of life and how it’s not always happy.

Believing all this shit is gonna heal your heart, well it’s not, no!”

I just think it’s great that they constantly give us these love songs from a different angle and begin to make people think of life in a different way.


Oh yeah, and the lead singer is too bad either.¬†Danny O’Donoghue. x

Danny O'Donoghue

Just look at those eyes. Beautiful man.


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Life in between two pieces of bread.

I have finally figured out the meaning of life. Costa’s Paninis. They are¬†the greatest things ever!¬†Like heaven in bread, literally I couldn’t live without them. They are just so yummy. The cheese, the ham, the tuna, the meatball. OH MY LORD I just wanna eat them all day. I mean, if I could survive on them, I totes would.

The toasted bread.

The mustard.




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Just heard Devlin’s new song ‘Rewind’ on the radio and it made me seriously think about things I would love to rewind to.

The opening line is “There are many things that I would like to say to you” and I just immediately started thinking about my granddad and how I didn’t appreciate him as much when he was around. And now he’s gone I just think I really should have and it makes me sad to think that. He would be proud of me though, getting into University and all and actually doing something with my life! I think of him when I have a special moment in my life, like when I got my GCSE and A-Level results. I secretly had a little cry for him and prayed that he would be there watching over me, feeling proud.

I just sat and listened to the lyrics of the song and thought about him. So, yeah, thanks Devlin – definite purchase right there!

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"It's a new dawn, it's a new day!"

… “It’s a new life for me!”


Ok, fresh new day. Fresh start. Fresh mind. I feel a totally new person today. I’m not entirely sure why tbh but I just feel something new and exciting within me. Starting the day with a stroll in Roehampton, come back and have a black coffee with a little touch of chocolate.¬†WOW!¬†I feel good prospects for today.

I’m already getting used to blogging and I appreciate all the support I’ve got so far, it’s great! It’s exciting and gives a new aspect to life. I hope to advance in this blogging world and become frequent and engrossed.¬†IT EXCITES ME.¬†

Because I feel so energetic, I’m gonna go to the library and crack on with my next essay.¬†REALLY LIAM? WOW. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME?¬†University has changed me, that’s what’s happened. I feel the need to do well and succeed.

Ok, chow for now!


“… and I’m feeeeeeeling goooooooooood!”

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