Pros and Cons

On the negative side, I’ve had no sleep and I’m definitely nocturnal.


On the plus side, I’ve nearly completed my final essay of the term. Only 400 words left to do!



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Buck up your ideas, Liam!

Recently, I was nominated for a Young Inspiring Blogger award and I realized that I need to start seriously blogging to try and show why I’ve been chosen. I’m not too sure what to say but yeah I’d be so grateful to receive because it will give me the boost that is dearly needed to make me more confident and proficient.


My principles: (I’ll try my hardest to stick to these!)

– Blog at least once a day!

– Comment on 3/4 blogs a day (at least) to show my support!

– Follow a handful of blogs that interest me and inspire me with my own blogging.

– Make friends with and gain respect from other bloggers.

– Be inspiring to others (hopefully) and get many responses to my posts.


If I should add anymore, just tell me and I’ll do it. 🙂

Cheers bloggers, x

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Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

Ok ok ok, I’m still awake, THIS SUCKS. Although on the plus side, I’m gonna be such a good journalist if I have to stay up and meet a deadline.

On the bad side, I’m gonna be tired tomorrow seeing as I have to get up in 4 and a half hours. Maybe I’ll just dose myself up on coffee and perservere. I can sleep at 1pm tomorrow so that’s not too bad… Is it?! I just want to go home and sleep in my own bed and have a decent’s night’s sleep. But no. I have to be here til next Friday waaaa. University has changed me into a nocturnal animal, maybe an owl or a badger. 


Actually no, I don’t even sleep in the day, so I’m just awake all the time. I DON’T SLEEP. That’s scary.


Good morning. x

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This blogging malarky.

As people have probably already realized, I started a blog to talk a load of rubbish (mostly to myself) and express things that are on my mind. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I just never thought of doing it, and now I have, I just want to post and post and post more.

There are just many things that I want to talk about and on here I can find people that have the same view as me, it’s great.


So cheers to my new blog and wonderful prospects. 🙂

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On a serious note.

I would like to thank all my first followers, likers and viewers in making my first proper day of blogging a great. With 15 followers, 90 views and 71 likes, I really appreciate it all.

Especially as you’ve made me feel very welcome and special. I hope to continue our journey and stay in touch!


Thanks so much every single one of you! 🙂 x

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