My LFW Experience!

Today was a day that proves “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”!

One of my friends that I got chatting to on here, Victoria – check her out! (, offered me two tickets to see the Ji Cheng x Sheme showcase.

Arriving at Freemasons Hall in Covent Garden, I didn’t know what to expect. (I knew it was going to be fabulous one way or another.) I met my friend Matthew and picked up the tickets for the show. Excitement kicked in.

I actually felt like royalty going into the hall. The grand walls and paintings were a perfect setting for a fashion show.

The runway room was amazing. Rows of sets were set out facing where the models walk and show off the amazing collection. Sitting down, I felt another rush of excitement as I realised this is what I want to do.

The light went down and a film played on the screen at the top of the runway!
It looked so professional, clean and got my attention right away. (I filmed a snippet on my Instagram: liampitts, check it out!)

Then the music started and every suddenly struck out their iPhones and cameras, poised ready for the first glimpse of the collection.
The first model walked out, stunning!

Then the next. Stunning!

Then the next. Stunning!

Everything about this collection was flawless. Right down to the tiniest detail on the models’ hair, eyebrows and lips. It was fantastic.

The outfits were gorgeous. Traditional Chinese dresses were worn by the tall models as they paraded down towards the press at the end, ready for that killer shot.

The lights went down. People applauded. But it wasn’t over! Just then, a woman dressed in bold white walked out and starting singing. I’m not too sure what she was singing, nonetheless it was beautiful.

Whilst see was singing, the models came out slowly and stood in parallel lines for the finale. It was spectacular, seeing all the outfits together on one stage.

Then it was over. But I was still buzzing. I wanted to do it again. Everyday.

Here’s a few pictures to document my day. 🙂 hope you’ve enjoyed!




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shh, it’s started. 

As everyone is probably, and should be, aware, London Fashion Week is well underway. Live shows are taking place as I type, and yes, I’m not there because I’m sat in my living room blogging about it.

I have watched a few of the shows already and it’s gotten off to a fantastic start. Bora Aksu and J. JS Lee are the ones that I’ve tuned into and I have been blown away by the collections.

Bora Aksu was fabulous!

The bright, flowy pieces are an excellent way to open the shows and expresses the 1920’s look that the designer was aiming for in the collection. Outerwear was an addition to this year from Bora Aksu to add more material and dimension to the outfits.

Whilst upholding the femininity and romanticism of the signature pieces, the collection has offered the women strength, inspired by the time women were given the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Now onto J. JS Lee. Stunning.

The block colours of the collection (which I featured in my previous post) give the collection the stylish edge and sharpness that attracts the eye and withholds it.

The label defines a woman in a sharp and feminine way, giving a sophisticated look that modern women want.

Be sure to keep an eye out on my posts for the rest of the shows and I will be sharing my favourite pieces with you all.



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Oscar Quiroz SS14

I thought I’d share with you one of the collections that I saw at yesterday’s press day!

Oscar Quiroz, a London born designer, showcased the designs for his Spring/Summer collection.

There were many different looks, from the down right bizarre to the bold, extravagant pieces.

I just want to tell people about the amazing day that I experienced yesterday (I’ve spammed a lot, oops) and I hope you enjoy reading about my progress .

Here’s a few of my favourite looks that I wanted to show you all, 🙂

OQ 1 OQ 2 OQ 3 OQ 4

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Baby fashion steps.

Today, I went to an amazing press day with Lewis and Leigh PR (definitely check them out) for the menswear collections.

It was a real eye opener for me and it made me realise that fashion is definitely something that I want to go I to. It was an experience that will (hopefully) get me into the industry – gaining the links and contacts.
just a foot in the door!

Here’s photos to document my day.






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Kick-Ass 2 review!

So, I’ve just seen Kick-Ass 2.
Or, alternatively, Kick More Ass

Right from the get-go, it was destined to be bigger and better than it’s predecessor. The action scenes rocketed and included more blood and gore than any usual superhero movie.

All eyes on Chloe Moretz, once again, who steals the show as she tries to grow up and leave her superhero ‘Hit Girl’ behind as her father was killed in the first film. But, realising that this is what she fate intends for her, she soon steals the show!

Her fight scenes included even more impressive moves, for a 15 year old anyway, and even more swearing (especially the c-word!)

My boyfriend’s view was ‘over the top’

I totally disagree.

With MARV having more budget for this film, why not add more action, more swearing and even more CGI? It was absolutely worth every penny spent on constructing this epic sequel.

Definitely a must see!
(Maybe not with your children though: hence the 15 Certificate)


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Karl Lagerfeld Kollection.

I was checking out the Karl Lagerfeld “Kollection” (that’s what he calls it) and I found some real gems of the fashion indsustry. I think this is one of my favourite collections that I’ve looked at recently and could really see myself wearing many of these outfits. 


Image This outfit is one of the best ones that I saw and it immediately jumped out at me as one that I would wear. The bomber jacket is an essential in any wardrobe for the winter and proves to be a hit with this collection. Paired with these stone-wash jeans, it gives the ultimate winter look without having too many layers. The dash of burgundy showing through the jacket is a great way to add a splash of colour to the outfit but still keeping with a wintery theme. 


Image This outfit reminds me of a motorcyclists attire. The leather jacket gives an edgy look that, let’s face it, only certain people can pull off. The “rough” look escalates the masculinity immensely, heightening the sex appeal. 

The two-tone jeans are an excellent way to keep up with the leather jacket in it’s rough, masculine look. Still being fashionable with the turn-up at the bottom shows how the individual can add their own spin to the outfit. 


Image “It’s part of my job to wear the newest things”

I LOVE this t-shirt. The quote, the font and the signature shows the cleverness of Lagerfeld and how he can incorporate himself into his designs. The crisp white, contrasted with the bold black is a way of standing out and focusing on the writing. It would be sure to make people stop and read what’s on your t-shirt. 


Image This outfit is one of my favourites. It reminds me of a Lacoste-esque sportwear item with the Jersey jacket. The grey and black two-tone are an excellent combination, keeping sharp and proper. Perfect for the typical winter day, or even an unexpected sunny one, the individual can look sporty, trendy and sleek all at the same time. 

The fading effect on the jeans is a great one that keeps it interesting and edgy. Instead of a block colour, it adds a different aspect to what the person is wearing. The turn-ups, again, give the individual their own twist on the outfit, expressing how they like to wear their clothes. 

And to conclude, the shiny boots compliment the outfit well and give it a pristine finish.  



So, there they are, my favourite pieces from the Karl Lagerfeld Kollection. 

Feel free to like and comment on your favourite of these choices and if you agree with mine. I’d love to hear from you! 


Over and out, x

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Made in the UK, destroyed in Magalluf.

So, hello WordPress. I’m back from my travels to Magalluf and thought I might give you a post on my time.
It was quite possibly, the best 9 days of my life, spending it with my best friend and her family.
We stayed at the nicest hotel with the best views (her parents got the best room in the hotel – the managers’ suite)


The nightlife of Magalluf is one of the best I’ve seen. With the main strip of clubs, there is a place for everyone, indie, rock, electro, EVERYTHING.
I was in my element. I love all sorts, so everywhere I went it was great!
LOTS HAPPENED. I ripped my shorts dancing too vigorously on a windowsill, acquired random things from the night out and ate KFC at 4 in the morning!

In the day, chilling by the pool, having a pool party, drinking cocktails just made it. It was the best way to spend a holiday and getting a tan (I burnt a little, oops).

And all this time, I didn’t fall out with my friend once, RESULT!

Here are some pictures of the best holiday of my life, enjoy! 🙂 x









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