Chanel x Consumerism @ PFW

It was only a matter of time before designers were going to jump on the consumerism bandwagon, this time it’s Chanel.

And what a spectacular show they put on for us.

Chanel at Paris Fashion Week
Chanel at Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld has really outdone himself on this one, just like he does every single time, by turning the Grand Palais into a shopping mall for the Autumn/Winter Collection.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this really relates me. I love going shopping, so to have one of the top designers in the world today base a show around a supermarket is fantastic.

It really does show that he’s reaching out to the masses, basing the shows around the consumers and broadening the brand to every single one of us.

Most people probably think it’s just a load of rubbish and he’s trying to better everyone else. Yeah, you’re right, he probably is. But damn it has it worked.

Even Karl was shopping himself. How excellent. He’s just like a normal person. His book shows exactly that.


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I Love Ugly SS14

I am pretty much encapsulated by I Love Ugly and their new collection.

The colours, the patterns & the cuts are simply gorgeous and I will definitely be investing in them this Summer.

They have become their own the past season and are beginning their ascent to the top. Pause Magazine had a feature on their collection yesterday, so they are certainly ones to look out for.

Take a look here.

I think they’re secretly trying to appeal to everyone with those world flags. Hats off to the designer. 

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Life's path!

I was reading a post yesterday on Scarphelia and it inspired me to write a post about where life is heading!

Many people ask “What do you want to do after University?” and my answer is still non-existent.

It’s like when you were little and your teacher would ask “Now Liam, what do you want to be when you grow up?” An astronaut, a fireman, a popstar were probably the answers I gave. But growing up, you realise these are ridiculous and you actually have to think of a ‘proper’ job.

I’m in  University and still have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I have ideas and dreams but they seem impossible right now. I know people say that nothing is impossible, but at the moment I seem to be stuck in a rut.

And then people ask me why I have a blog? I’m hoping for something to come from it I guess. To make people notice, to see what I have to offer and to see what I am capable of doing – a sort of portfolio.

In my lecture yesterday, my lecturer asked the class who had a blog and what they aimed to achieve from having one. Most people said exactly the same thing, “I’m hoping to get something from it”

It’s true. Everyone is hoping for something to happen. 

But I also love the readership of blogs. The people that are there to support you and give you feedback on what you write is beautiful. The relationship in the blogosphere is something that’s special and makes you feel like you can relate to everyone else doing the same thing.

Anywho, back to the subject of finding the right path in life. It’s difficult to focus on where my life is heading at the moment because everything is so up in the air. I’m just taking everyday as it comes, completeing essays and creating those all important contacts that will come in handy when I graduate (which is in just over a year, eek!)

I’m taking life with a pinch of salt and facing every challenge when it approaches. There’s no easy way around life and you just have to play it.

Play God’s Game of Life. 


Ciao for now, x

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Tiger of Sweden @ Stockholm Fashion Week

Tiger of London are the last ones to preview at Stockholm Fashion Week and they certainly went out with a bang.

The catwalk was incredible and is surely one to remember from this memorable year of Fashion.

The AW14 season is inspired by timeless iconic personalities – actors, rock ‘n’ roll icons and characters that were passionate about expressing their own unique style.

Their menswear was a classic, tailored look with a contemporary interpretation of the 70’s colour pallette.

The key colour was camel, fused with muted brights on their foundation of black and white!

They complete the look with oversized outerwear that add just enough warmth for the top half of your body!

Check out some of my favourites here, but head over to their website for the whole collection – (you won’t be disappointed)!

Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week
Tiger of Sweden at Stockholm Fashion Week

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J. Lindeberg @ Stockholm Fashion Week

I don’t know about anyone else, but I fell in love with the J. Linderberg menswear collection at SFW.

It was spectacular. 

The pieces from the Swedish designer were elegant, sophisticated but with that quirkiness that Stockholm always promises to deliver.

If you haven’t checked it out, I’m going to share a few of my favourites with you on here. But you have to promise that you’ll go and check out the rest of the collection afterwards, deal?!

The sharp, tailored suits are gorgeous! The shaping is divine and the cuts are to die for.

I was blown away by the simplicity, yet amazing creativity from the Swede that really shone out from the rest.


J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week



J Linderberg 2
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week
The model wears a sleek red blazer and black smart trousers
J Lindeberg at Stockholm Fashion Week

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Prada #MFW

One of the most anticipated of every Fashion Week has to be Prada.

And they certainly didn’t disappoint in Milan.

With a live orchestra and elaborate staging, the completely stepped it up a notch to preview their F/W14 Collection.

They opted for base colours to compliment all of the looks.

Accessorizing with scarves, ties and bags, they added every detail that was perfect.


(Who ties a tie properly nowadays? Just sling it around your neck and BOOM, it’s fashion!)

Take a look at my snaps. (They might be a bit crappy, I did screenshot them on my phone. That’s about the only thing my phone is capable of!)


Ciao for now, x
























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Charity shop gems!

I went to town with my mum and we had a few minutes to spare before she had to go to the dentist. So I said we should have a look around the charity shop (like we do!)

And thank heavens we did. These two beauties were in there, simply waiting for me.

The Kickers jumper is incredible. So warm and vintage and at £6 I couldn’t resist.

The Pierre Cardin jacket jumped out at me. It’s slightly too big (but I don’t care) and at a mere £5.

mum: “it’s too big, I don’t like it”

me: “well it’s a good brand and cheap so I don’t care what you think”




Ciao for now, x

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Alright, I know LCM is now over, and I have been rubbish with keeping up (I know, I’m stupid) but I just wanted to share my absolute favourite from the 3 day extravaganza.


Wow, what a collection. The trio really do not let you down when they show their collection.

I fell in love with them last year at LFW with their Sister by Sibling masterpiece.

And I just fell even more in love with them after their show earlier today!

Every single item was stunning. The mesh t shirts, denim waistcoats and striking shorts are sure to be seen out and about in the Summer of ’14.

The colours are perfect and really set you up for the sun (when this rain finally stops!) 

And the models smile! This is my favourite aspect of their shows. Unlike the emotionless models of other fashion designers, they seem to be enjoying what their doing and smiling their way through it. I love this. It’s great to see something different on the catwalk.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the collection.


Check out the rest of the pieces here:

Oh, and the retweeted me. Happy! 


Ciao for nowx

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The World According To Karl

So, I got this book for Christmas and it has all of the thoughts of Karl Lagerfeld. From “Life” to “Luxury” and “Celebrity” to “Chanel” it has many quotes that everyone can relate to!

I just wanted to share a few of them with you! Enjoy x





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My Interview with Maria Pizzeria

You guys know her as Maria Pizzeria, I got a chance to speak to her about her life and get a little insight into what she does. 

She has travelled a long way to reach her ‘dream’ job but plans to go even higher.

I dreamt about Lazy Oaf for many, many years” says Maria. “It was my first major brand crush – they had a competition and I won it.”

Since coming to London two years ago, Maria has been working her way up the fashion ladder. Stepping up from working in Topshop to being an assistant at Coffin On Cake PR, she has certainly stamped her Swedish trademark into her work.

Starting with her dream job interning at Lazy Oaf, she has been interested in all of the aspects with fashion. The all-in approach from this brand was what sparked the passion for Maria as she realised that she can do all sorts. “Everything was connected. I like everything together.”

To the average person, they think fashion is just about the clothes. Maria disagrees. “I work in everything! My areas are social media and the press.”

Her flame was set alight when she started blogging 7 years ago, a laugh from Maria suggests that even she is surprised by that. Posting about her outfits and brands that interested her was her enjoyment at that time. “I just figured out my likes, my style, music because the internet was there and it’s like a whole world. I was trapped in a tiny home-town and felt like I could never develop.”

She applied for a Digital Media University in Sweden where she attended with solely the knowledge of blogging. Luckily for her, the course was based on the personality of the applicant, not about the skills, “it was cool”.

Getting experience is highly important in this industry. Maria was proactive and threw herself into the eye line of people that could help her progress. “I put up what I like and I found people that like the same stuff. It made me realise that the world is out there and it’s not just wherever you are”. Being in the agency has opened her up to the possibilities and reminds her that she isn’t in a boring 9-to-5 office job that people dread to have. She is able to be out and about, doing her own thing and creating those all important contacts that she is so grateful for.

Maria’s ‘office’ is one that inspires. Clothes hung up on the wall, fashion magazines scattered everywhere you look and wondrous pieces of art catching your eye at every turn. It’s like no office I’ve ever been to.

Social media seems to be a growing phenomenon that creates a portal between the average person and the people that can give you an opportunity. Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn give a platform for someone to start off with and create relationships with huge companies or celebrities that would be impossible by phone/email. “It’s all about connections and networking. If you can get a good recommendation from someone that people know, its enough”

I was interning at a magazine and they were working with agencies a lot – that’s where I got the connection. They saw I liked JuJu shoes, they said they didn’t have anyone in the office that liked them so they wanted me to do the accounts.”

Her most recent venture, Malmö London – a Swedish fashion brand, catapulted her into the photography and styling aspects. “I shot the look-book and styled it and now I’m doing the social media and press. I really like to grasp it and tell the brand “I’m up here to help you develop it if you want me to””.

Bursting into the fashion scene is difficult. Sometimes you just have to take what is given to you. It hasn’t always been straight-forward for Maria as she has had many jobs that didn’t go so well. “I did a job assisting a stylist once, that wasn’t fun! There was nothing to do on set, just collecting and returning things. I think I learnt a lot anyways.”

Even her role at Lazy Oath didn’t live up to her dreams. “It wasn’t paradise. When I was there, I was so f**king scared.” Moving to new country, learning a new language and being expected to fit right in was daunting for Maria – she even had to share a room in a flat.

Maria aspires to build her own empire in London one day and plans on publishing her own magazine. Beginning with online and finally going into print is obviously a huge passion for her as she gets excited even mentioning the idea.

If I would work full time for an agency, it would be my own”

Pay – £80 a day

Hours – “As a guide, I’d say 12 hours a day! But I work whenever I can. Since, when I’m off I do shoots and style stuff as well and I count that as work”

Work/life balance – “I got my office at home as well, so obviously I just work all the time. I want to be able to go out and have a coffee with someone, even if it has nothing to do with the agency, it just helps me to think or get inspiration.”

Best thing – “The agency experience; being in a team and where people appreciate your role and what you do!”

Worst thing – “Being dressed up everyday and being stuck in front of the screen all day long, that makes me cringe.”



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