OOTD: Tailored Tartan

Hello everyone! Happy October (I seem to say happy *insert month here* at the beginning of every single post – I think that means I need to post more!)

And to kick off the Autumn months, I have the pleasure of bringing you the wonders of Tailor4Less and their immense ways in tailoring men’s blazers.


They are a service that provide a personal touch to any blazer with the most specific tailoring to your exact measurements.

You simply take your measurements from the comfort of your own home: your height, weight and physical shape and the clever technology automatically works out your body’s proportions. Don’t worry, they can be tweaked in the following stage but they should be pretty much spot on.

And now onto the fun part, the customisation. Right from the beginning of the process, you are able to personalise every inch of the jacket, going from the material and the pattern, right down to the finer details such as the buttons and pockets.

When choosing my own design, I wanted to get a tweed-esque look without actually going for a thick tweed type of material. I wanted to have a blazer that is warm enough just to throw on when it gets chilly, but also be cool enough to hold on to for the summer when it’s warm and need to look smart.

I didn’t want to show an entirely smart look, so I went for smasual (oh yes I really did say that!) with jeans and a nice pair of boots. Wearing a blazer doesn’t always mean having to dress it up with matching trousers, a shirt, tie and shoes; I think finding the right pair of jeans (who can do wrong with denim I ask you?) can compliment the blazer perfectly, without the stress of a tight waistband and tucking your shirt in.


| Blazer – Tailor4Less (gifted for purposes of the post) | Jeans – River Island | Shirt – Primark | | Boots – Charity Shop | Sunglasses – H&M |

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shot by Emily Arundale: Facebook 

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