Destination unknown: Why it’s OK to have no idea where you’re going…

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. We’ve all got to that point in our lives where we question everything. Where we question what we’re doing, where it’s all heading and just get stuck – completely forgetting our destination in life. It happens to the best of us.

But it’s okay! It’s alright because we all have it. I think it’s part of growing up, part of discovering where you’re destined to be and part of creating our own path towards the life you are supposed to live.

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reasonĀ so all of the events that unfold throughout our lives are just carving the way for a better and brighter future: we are all allowed to be happy, and I believe that the universe wants that for us, we just have to be brave enough to reach out and take it.

Sometimes, all it takes is just a little glimpse of rock bottom to spur you to get back on your feet and face the world with two fingers up. That’s ok. It’s all ok, I assure you.

get lost to find your destination
“i don’t think people find themselves until they’re lost only then does their journey begin”

You do you!

Now, I’m no expert, but what I do know is that everyone is on their own journey and we are all unique. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else and how well they are doing; you’ve got your own adventures, own challenges and own accomplishments to focus on, why let someone else’s make you lose sight of those?

It’s completely fine to want to quit your job. It’s totally acceptable to have an urge to get on a plane and fly away. It’s normal to say fuck it and want to give it all up. But that’s when we should be realising that then is the moment we need to make a change. We need to make a change to make ourselves happy. We need to alter something to get rid of the pressurising thoughts of giving in.

It might sound stupid but simply just speaking to someone can help. You are able to get a completely different perspective of your situation. That person can be entirely impartial and give their opinion solely based on what you tell them. There is always someone, even if it’s a random person on Twitter, they’re out there, I promise.

I lost my way!

I’ve recently had one of these moments where I’ve wanted the world to stop to allow me to get off! It started with one thing, and before I knew it, there was a mountain of problems in front of me that seemed impossible for me to be able to conquer. I went through wanting to quit my job, booking a one way plane ticket and ending it all entirely within the space of a couple of days; this colossal weight hit me all at once and I felt like I would never be able to shift it.

But I reached out. I attempted to make contact with people and I wasn’t disappointed. I simply put a tweet and the response I got was incredible.

That was the kickstart that I needed. Getting a reply from some of my favourite people on social media was therapeutic. And to think that some of those I have never even met in real life. It’s amazing to think that there are people out there willing to lend a helping hand and are there whenever you need it, any time of the day.

Admittedly, I’m not quite there yet, but who is? It takes time to heal and mend yourself from something so getting back to full health will be difficult. But I will get there. I will reach that destination.

And so will you. Like I said before, it takes getting to rock bottom to realise that the only way is up (that’s the only optimistic way of looking at that.) I’d hit rock bottom, but I’m beginning to pull myself out from the well that I was stuck down with occasional glimpses of the light at the top.

Find your feet!

Once you’ve got to the point of being able to stand again, take it all in. Regain consciousness of everyday life and just breathe. There’s no better feeling than beginning to feel human again. All you’ve got to remember is that there is no pressure for anything. If there is, then that’s pressure that you’re putting on yourself that you need to shake off. Let life do it’s thing, let it take you to places unexpectedly, let it guide you to good things. Pressure, most of the time, ends in disappointment because it doesn’t end how you imagined.

So, if ever you think you’re alone, just know that you are not. There are people out their waiting to help, waiting to give you wise words when you’re at your worst. It’s tough, I know that the first thing you’re not going to think of when you’re down is turning to Twitter, but it helps. It helped me and I’m on track to find my destination once again.

You got this!

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