Native Youth AW14

Now, as you guys may be aware if you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, (which I sincerely hope some of you have) then I have had a brand crush on Native Youth since I first set eyes on them.

Their collections have just always been on point and directly correlate to my style and what I love wearing. They have been following the trends, working with what is happening in the fashion world and making a collection that just slots perfectly into it’s niche.

Their most recent collection is an amazing representation of how successful they have been. 

Working with different materials, layers & colours, they have created some of the most amazing looks I have seen in a while – for a “ready-to-wear” collection anyway.

Like any normal Autumn/Winter collection, the layers and the textures of the pieces are absolutely effortless. They make it easy to keep warm and cosy in the chilly half of the year, whilst also ensuring the comfort when wearing the clothes.

This season sees them explore the use of new fabrics, introducing cotton and nylon mixes that demonstrates a new edge to the Manchester born brand.

As the saying goes, “Less is more!” and it certainly seems that the designers have taken this on board and focused on the quality of the pieces, rather than creating something that is bold and overwhelming. After all, the pieces need to be “ready to wear”.

The brand’s philosophy from the start was to make clothes that guys actually want to wear. It’s safe to say, they have delivered.


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