My weekend break!

As some of you may have been aware, I went on a weekend away with my boyfriend.

We went to Bath and Bristol for Saturday and Sunday and it was such a great chance to spend some time together and really appreciate each other’s company.

We got up early on the Saturday morning and began our travels West to the beautiful city of Bath.

On our way we noticed that we’d be driving by the Stonehenge in Amesbury. It was such a lovely day so we decided to stop and take a look. We were taken by a little shuttle bus up to the ruins and spent some time walking round and taking photos. It was quite surreal. Hearing stories about it’s origins made it seem kind of supernatural and magical.


We started again on our travels to Bath and arrived around lunch time. (We were aiming to get there for breakfast but the Stonehenge was spontaneous and pushed it back to Brunch!)

We had looked up a Café in the centre of Bath that looked lovely for lunch and went there. It was called Wild Café.

If you live in Bath, go there. If you live near Bath, go there! And if you’re thinking of going to Bath anytime, go there!! I would seriously recommend it. 

It’s a cute, quirky little café that had a range of breakfast/lunch/brunch options to choose from. I opted for a bacon and cheese burger (like I always do) and it was one of the greatest I’ve ever tasted. It was accompanied with homemade chips with the skin left on, fantastic. Fred (my boyfriend if you hadn’t guessed) went for the mussels. They smelt, looked and tasted divine: a real sensory experience.

After lunch, we took a walk around Bath. This was the worst part for me because I have hurt my toe, but it was beautiful nonetheless. We went to see The Circus, The Royal Crescent, Jane Austen’s tea rooms and much more. The weather held out for us so it was great to be able to spend time outside in the fresh air. The air felt different, cleaner and much purer than London air. Weird.

The Circus - Panoramic

The Royal Crescent - Bath

By the time we’d seen the sights, we decided to make our way over to Bristol to the hotel we were staying at.

The hotel we stayed at was right in the centre of Bristol called The Grand. It was a gorgeous hotel that was lit up by purple lights at night (yay, purple is my favourite colour!) We checked in, went to our room and immediately threw ourselves onto the bed. It was lush! There’s usually that strange feeling of “oh, we’re here now, what do we do?” but we didn’t. We knew that we wanted to go to the health centre that was right next door to the hotel. It had a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna. It felt great to unwind after the long day trawling through the history of Bath.


After relaxing for a while, we went back to our room to get ready and go out for dinner. All dressed up, looking nice, we walked through the streets to find somewhere acceptable to eat. Bearing in mind it was Saturday, people would have been getting drunk, we were just looking for food. We found a place right on the riverside called Severn Shed which served amazing food. Seafood, burgers, steaks, you name it – they served it! Fabulous. 

I was totally stuck for choice but finally decided to have skewers – one with chicken and chorizo and the other with king prawns. Fred was talking about having a Steak all day so that’s what he went for. And of course he chose the biggest one.

We sat and had a drink, waiting for our food over candlelight when we saw the waiter bringing our food. Our eyes lit up. The waiter stripped the skewers right before our eyes, I was salivating I think. (I don’t have a photo of that because I was just loving it too much!) He plonked down Fred’s huge steak and we dug in. I think we both scoffed too much because we soon started to slow down and begin to struggle with the food. I burped (a lot) and was able to carry on. What a trooper I am. A DJ started mixing (or whatever you call it) and this is the moment I wanted to leave. It went from a cute, romantic meal, to eating in a nightclub in seconds. Also, I was so exhausted from the day I just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep/cuddle.

I slept quite well, considering the bed was actually slightly hard. We lounged around in bed for a while before heading down the breakfast. It was in such a lovely restaurant area with crystal chandeliers and posh carpets (I have to admit, I felt slightly out of place!) Walking past all the options, my mind was spinning in excitement of all the things I could eat. Cooked breakfast, cereal, yoghurts, cakes, everything. It was beautiful. I went for the English breakfast to begin with. It was lovely, which was a surprise because hotel breakfasts are usually cheap and bland. But I have to say it was cooked to perfection and the presentation was immaculate. Half way through eating, I started thinking about having some cereal – rookie mistake, I know, but I just fancied some Rice Crispies. So that’s what I went for. Please don’t judge me. I then spotted a croissant which was all alone on the shelf so I quickly swooped in, picked it up and rushed back to my table as if I’d just committed the crime of the century.

After breakfast, went back to our room, showered, got ready and checked out of the hotel.

We then made our way to the shopping centre that was 5 minutes walk from there.


It was a modern place with so many levels and branches I had no idea where to go first or which way to head. After much walking and shopping, we came across a bubble tea place. I had never tried one before so I had no idea what to get or which one was best. I just panicked and chose a Vanilla one. It was nice but I still have absolutely no idea what it is or what the point in it was. Ooops!

We then decided to leave the beauties of Bristol and head back towards Bath for the reason that Fred chose there anyway – the Natural Spas. (We were supposed to go on Saturday but the queue was HUGE and we were too tired to wait.)

They. Were. Terrific. 

There was a heated rooftop pool with spectacular views looking across the whole of Bath. It had jets that soothed my aching feet and hurting legs. On another level, there were scented steam rooms. Fused with elderflower, ginger, cricklewood and eucalyptus, they all were so calming that I nearly fell asleep. I had to get out after a couple of minutes and step under the cold showers. And when I say ‘cold’, I mean ice cold. It was great. On another level, they had a pool similar to the rooftop one but with lights to help de-stress and unwind. I felt so unwound after a long weekend, all my problems seemed to just float away for a split second.

Thermae Bath Spas - Bath

I couldn’t get any photos of the inside because we weren’t allowed phones or cameras. A girl took her phone in for a cheeky selfie on the rooftop but I didn’t want to break the rules so I kept mine in the locker.

I would highly recommend going to these if you’re thinking of going to Bath at all. They make you feel so cleansed and calm that you just feel stress-free for the 2 or 4 hours that you’re in there.

We then went for dinner at a traditional, old pub and it was the perfect ending to the most perfect weekend. I just sat and thought about how nice it was to spend time alone with my boyfriend and not have to worry. I couldn’t thank him enough in the car on the way home, he told me off for saying it too much, but I meant it every time.

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