My picks for SS15

Today is the 1st of June. 

For some, it means nothing.

For some, it marks the beginning of Summer.

But for me, and many others, it reminds that it’s two weeks until LCM.

(That stands for London Collections: Men for the people that don’t know!)

Fashion Weeks have taken over and has often left the men in the dark. But over the past few years, men’s fashion has become increasingly popular and has become a date for your diary (it’s certainly in mine!)

Spring/Summer ’15 is a good year. I feel it. & I’m gonna be mentioning the 3 showroom collections I’m most excited for and why I am so anticipating a good season.

Lyle & Scott

Most of you would, and should in my opinion, know this brand as they been around for quite a while – 140 years to be precise – and have an established place within the fashion industry. For SS15, they have once again collaborated with Jonathan Saunders and Universal Works to launch exclusively at LCM. They promise to bring us new and exciting looks, working with colours, textures and shapes to help put that spring flair into your outfits.


This duo have always been a passion of mine. They have created collections that directly correlate with my style and it only seems right to mention them. Their eye for difference is effortless – the two designers have separate ideas which are then incorporated into the designs with such ease. For SS15, they opt for “clean lines and raw edges, a hint of athleticism with an elegant approach.”(This quote got me so excited!) They have also said that the white shirt is the highlight of their collection which is definitely a winner in my eyes.


Some of you may not have heard of Marwood before, so here’s a little introduction. They are an accessories brand that designs ties, bow ties, socks and scarves and apparently a special product for this season – eeeeek! They love to play around with colour palettes, designs and fabrics to create a completely unique twist on the modern mens accessory.  It seems like they would appeal to every dapper man in history with their luxury materials and clean-cut styles to put that finishing touch to any gentleman.

A teaser they posted on Instagram (@marwoodlondon)
A teaser they posted on Instagram (@marwoodlondon)

So, there we have it, my favourites for LCM SS15 and the ones I think will be received the best.

Do you agree/disagree with me? What are your favourites? I’d love to know.

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  1. Great post! I agree with you, I get quite excited about LC:M myself! Every time there are so much amazingness that happens that I sometimes have to blog about it in two or three different posts. The last time I did a few videos which made it easier. Thanks for sharing this on our Facebook page too! We look forward to seeing more from you.

    1. Cheers for reading man!
      I absolutely love it. It’s my favourite time of the fashion year. Menswear has definitely found it’s place.
      I will probably be bombarding the page with links oops

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