shh, it’s started. 

As everyone is probably, and should be, aware, London Fashion Week is well underway. Live shows are taking place as I type, and yes, I’m not there because I’m sat in my living room blogging about it.

I have watched a few of the shows already and it’s gotten off to a fantastic start. Bora Aksu and J. JS Lee are the ones that I’ve tuned into and I have been blown away by the collections.

Bora Aksu was fabulous!

The bright, flowy pieces are an excellent way to open the shows and expresses the 1920’s look that the designer was aiming for in the collection. Outerwear was an addition to this year from Bora Aksu to add more material and dimension to the outfits.

Whilst upholding the femininity and romanticism of the signature pieces, the collection has offered the women strength, inspired by the time women were given the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Now onto J. JS Lee. Stunning.

The block colours of the collection (which I featured in my previous post) give the collection the stylish edge and sharpness that attracts the eye and withholds it.

The label defines a woman in a sharp and feminine way, giving a sophisticated look that modern women want.

Be sure to keep an eye out on my posts for the rest of the shows and I will be sharing my favourite pieces with you all.



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