#LFW Jonathan Saunders

This is one of the collections that I was most anticipating, going on about it for months, and I didn’t actually get to see it. 

But I’ve caught up with the highlights and I can say that I was most pleased. 

It was exactly what I wanted. The quirky patterns, the multiple layers and the strange combinations were something that Jonathan does amazingly for his collections. He is distinct in the world of fashion for these things I just listed, all of which make him a master of the fashion industry. 

Creating these looks were easy. Make one look, add something else for another look and then pop on some sunglasses for another. Genius! It does sound boring, but even with the tiniest of alteration on the outfit, makes it totally different and gives it another dimension. 

The diversity of the colours and patterns was interesting in this collection, more then ever before. A sudden outburst of floral designs makes these looks absolutely perfect for wearing in the Spring and Summer. 

Changing it up seems like second nature to Jonathan nowadays. He makes it look effortless to create the ultimate summer look, whether it be with a dress or a top and bottom combo that compliments the women’s features beautifully. 

And did anyone spot the Louboutins? 





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