#LFW Day 2!

So here’s my review of the second day of London Fashion Week.

Kicking off the day, we had Zoe Jordan. 

Now, I really did love the collection as it was quirky, new and summery (which is a lot more than some other collections have been like *cough* gothic *cough*.) Incorporating most of the pieces of the outfits for many different looks was interesting as it created a different side to wearing that specific item.


The next collection was close to being my favourite from the day. Sister by Sibling.

It was absolutely stunning. The ultra short shorts, uber cute personalised jumpers and unique patterns were simply fantastic on the runway. As soon as the first model stepped out with the ‘Lead Sister’ jumper, I was captivated and entertained. Their smiles were a great addition to the presentation as it included an edge that the others didn’t have.


And now onto John Rocha.

Simply beautiful. This was one of the collections that I was most looking forward to from the day and it surely didn’t disappoint.

Right from the first model to the last, I was captivated by the stunning gowns that shone on the runway. The sleekness of the dresses and the way they fitted perfectly on the model, showing of the curves in all the right places, was beautiful to watch strut around.


And last, but definitely not least, was by far my favourite collection of the day.

Orla Kiely

Now this is a collection that stands out above the rest. The layout of the presentation was certainly something that was obviously different about this one. Set in some sort of safari, it was strange but quite cool to see something away from the rest. Becoming noticed and memorable. The wacky outfits were amazing and contrasted with the scene. which made it interesting to watch the behaviour of the models in this environment. The movements and activities of the models was brilliant to watch. How they moved around the scene and interacted with what was around them was fascinating.

Here’s a few of my favourites from the collection.


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