Introducing: Your Shores

Autumn has a very special place in my heart as I love dressing for it. I absolutely adore wearing chunky knit jumpers and warm jackets, aswell as  wrapping myself up in thick scarves and hats. So when I had the chance to help kick start the Your Shores campaign, I immediately jumped at the chance.

They have launched and worked with 100 individuals in the fashion industry to bring a unique approach to the products that we love to wear for the colder months. They want to exploit their collection by letting the consumers promote it, because who knows fashion more than the people that are immersed in it?!

Seriously, who can resist temptation when they are given the chance to wear bloody good coats? Especially when it’s for such a great cause that oozes luxury and affordability.

And what’s more, you can get 10% off your order by using the discount code LiamPitts10. So what are you waiting for?!

“for the people, by the people”

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Photography by Emily Arundale: Facebook

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