Introducing: Anerkjendt

Introducing another fresh new brand for you guys –¬†Anerkjendt!

Their Autumn collection gives the person the opportunity to create their own look, with the many items and accessories that they offer. They have some amazing sweat shirts, beautiful quilted shirts and jackets and the extremely important pair of jeans.

Their aim is to have a mixture of materials and details that give an edgy, rocky look to make you stand out – ranging from knitted cotton to quilted nylon.

They have created this collection with the influence of rock ‘n’ roll to master that ‘grungy’ look that people are steering towards nowadays.

Their prints, they say, are still important, whether it’s camouflage, animal prints or funny motives. They like to keep their look iconic and memorable, which it certainly is!

Keeping with the Autumnal colours, they have incorporated the dark blues, dark greens and the grayscale. Perfect for keeping (and looking) warm.

Here’s a few pictures of their collection, definitely check them out.

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