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Hello everyone,

I believe that I started bringing more interior focused posts, uploaded like two and then forgot *slaps back of hand* so this is me being stern with myself and writing more.

As I am still in the process of decorating my own bedroom, I thought I would bring you an interiors post that is bringing myself some inspiration whilst transforming my room. The following pieces of furniture have caught my eye and I am using them to help push myself towards creating a safe haven to relax in.

because everyone knows that a nice interior can help clear your mind:

| Lamp | Shelves | Folding Table | Hanging Chair | “L” Print Image | Cushion 

For me, and most people I guess, my bedroom is somewhere I go to relax and take the pressure off my shoulders and wind down, whether it be after work or a hard day outfit shooting for my blog (because that’s tough too, some people don’t realise!)

I’m really liking different textures at the moment and using these to create a nice feeling in my room. The contrast of the copper light fitting and the wicker hanging chair create a nice balance and a different that look shouldn’t work but does!

I’m always looking for different ways to help myself de-stress so getting the atmosphere right is crucial. I’m a fan of candles and plants too – I love making my room smell spa-like and the plants are there to retrieve the toxins my candles give off to cleanse the air and give myself a sense of fresh air.

So that’s my latest update on the bedroom situation and where I am in the world about what I do to unwind. Like I said at the beginning, I am definitely going to focus on bringing more interior focused posts to my blog so make sure you follow me on social media and/or Bloglovin’ by clicking here to keep up to date when a new post drops.

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