Why I stopped caring and started living…

You know those times when people tell you to stop trying and you will never be disappointed? Well, that’s exactly that mantra that I’ve been¬†living with at the moment and I honestly think I am a better person for doing so!

I am a firm believer in the proverb “Everything happens for a reason“, so learning to let go of the pressure and just get on with it has become something of the norm to me! I think by letting things go their own way is one of the most easy ways to live, letting nature take it’s course and leave life’s decisions down to fate.

Start by having a complete clear out – not just of clothes and shoes, but of people too. If the people in your life aren’t making you a better person, change that. It’s important that you surround yourself with those that help you progress and cheer your success, so have a cleanse every once in a while to keep that on track! It might sound extremely harsh, but think of it as closing a chapter in your life and writing a new one. Obviously, it’s important to have an overhaul of your wardrobe too; throw out anything that is too small, is out of fashion or has a bad memory attached to it. Like I said, open up a new chapter.

Say no¬†more often. People always go on about being the “Yes man” and I do agree to a certain extent, but I think it can also be just as important to say no to things. As humans, it’s in our nature to want people to like us, to be accepted and look “cool”, but why not do things that you actually want to do?

Stop comparing your journey to others’. This is a difficult one because it’s wired into our instinct to want what other people have, so as soon as you can appreciate what you do have, you will begin to realise that this is enough! What is the point of beating yourself up over the things that you don’t have? We are all on our own journey, we are all at different stages of life with differing stories and experiences so it would be completely counterproductive to feel disheartened by someone else’s achievements or accolades.

Stop trying to change things that are out of your control. It’s completely normal to want everything to be absolutely perfect, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. As soon as you can learn to care less about the things that are inevitable, the better. There are just some things in life that cannot be altered, like how someone feels about you, so what’s the point in wallowing in that? Get over it and learn from it.

Create a happy space. Establish a place you can resign to when you need a little time on your own. Fill it with things that can help you relax and unwind from the troubles of the world. Granted, it won’t solve any situations but it can give you enough time to clear your mind and think with much better clarity.

You do you, you’re great.

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