If there is ever a brand you need to know, it’s Hymn.

After only being launched at the beginning of this year, they have well and truly established themselves in the fashion industry and have gained a pretty good reputation. 

This collection sees them move away from the typical floral/nautical vibes we most certainly see in every Spring/Summer collection and head towards a classic look, with a very special Hymn twist. 

They base their designs on the warm clothes everyone needs and wants for Winter, but adding their own spark with the print or pattern. Their stand-out pieces include a heavy lumberjack shirt (which sounds perfect), rich marls and cotton shirts – they are destined to fly off the shelves as soon as they are available to purchase. I know I will be buying them!

Ever since they started out, they’re commitment was to the creation of wearable clothing, whether it be wardrobe essentials or statements pieces. They uphold their dedication to produce and outstanding fit with effortless quality. 

It takes a lot to create a collection where every piece is absolutely perfect, but Hymn seem to have done just that – winning over my heart once more and capturing the best of the season!

Oh, and they’ve had a helping hand from Ricki Hall, who, I’m sure, needs no introduction whatsoever. 

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