How I Edit My Instagram Photos

I know what you’re all thinking and, believe me, I think that Instagram has gone downhill since the algorithm too, but that only means that we need to step our game up to get our content bigger and better than it was before – who doesn’t want to improve?!

That’s why I wanted to give an insight into what I use to get my photos Instagram-worthy, because I am such  a perfectionist and any old photo won’t do for me! I don’t consider myself a champ in any way so don’t take this as me sharing my wise words of wisdom, I just wanted to show how I get my pictures to a standard where they’re worth posting.


First things first, when I’m using my phone, I like to take my pictures in the iPhone preset filter Fade so I can get an idea of lighting and shadows before I take the photos. I love this filter because it creates a softer look, the colours are a little washed out and it’s super pleasing to the eye. I use this filter on most photos that I take on my phone to provide a consistency when uploading onto my Instagram.

The next best thing are the preset editing tools on your iPhone which includes Crop, Straighten, Light, Colour and B&W. If you’re one of the people that likes to get the composition of the photo right when taking it then it shouldn’t take you too long to get that perfect Instagrammable shot with just a few easy tweaks. I think they’re a Godsend when it comes to editing because it does exactly what you need it to and is free!

Quite a few people have a series of apps that they use in sequence before getting that photo just right, but I believe in just one: FaceTune. I know it’s mainly used for editing face photos, but the tools that it includes can be applied to anything. The whiten tool is something that I love because #monochrome4life. It can turn a grey/dingy photo into one that looks like it was taken in broad daylight in just a few easy swipes of your finger – it’s great. (£4.49)

After I’ve done all this, now is when I finally open the picture up in Instagram for a few final tweaks. Most of us overlook the tools that Instagram has given us, but they are just as helpful as the one I’ve mentioned previously. I like to bring up the brightness, intensify the contrast to give a little edginess and bump up the sharpness. This usually seems like the surefire way to get the perfect photo for my feed – I sometimes use the highlights and shadows tool if I feel like it could be a little more dynamic.

There you have it! Like I said before, I don’t consider myself a pro at this, but I wanted to share some of my tips. Do you agree? What else do you use?

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  1. Instagram really IS such an art and I find it so interesting how everyone has their own process but I love hearing what they are/what apps people use! I too love the whitening tool, literally it’s GENIUS whoever discovered it! I also have an app called ‘Preview’ (but I’m on Android, I think there’s an iphone equivalent!), which lets me preview how my feed look so I can make sure I’m on theme!

    I agree with you though – Instagram’s own editing tools are seriously good and shouldn’t be overlooked!

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

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