Has Wang got it all wrong?

I know it’s probably the best bit of fashion news to hit the world, ever, but I am seriously not looking forward to the release of Alexander Wang x H&M.

And I’ll tell you exactly why.

Yeah, it’s amazing to have such a huge designer collaborating with one of the biggest high streets brands so everyone is able to buy it, but it’s certainly not one that I was expecting.

Most of the collection still has that catwalk/press look, which is definitely not one that should be worn in everyday life, it’s not “ready-to-wear”.

I mean, if you step out on the street wearing a beanie with¬†WANG¬†written on it, I will judge you. And so will many other people, I’m sure.


As for the rest of the collection, it seems like there hasn’t been much thought process behind the designs. It’s as if the designers have just created the simplest of things, just because they will sell no matter what. The wear-ability of the collection is very limited, with the whole collection steering toward sports-luxe.

I’m not saying that I don’t like any of the collection. Some of the jackets and jumpers are beautiful, with stunning materials and edgy designs.

So, when the collection drops in stores on November 6th, I certainly won’t be rushing to get my hands on it first. A Wang hat doesn’t appeal to me and neither do the men’s leggings.

Sorry Alexander, no hard feelings.

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