Grooming Regime Update: Proverb Skincare

It’s that time of year that warrants a change in your skincare routine, to keep up with battling the elements.

The latest regime that appears on the radar is Proverb which incorporates every aspect of cleaning to make sure that your face is fighting fit for the weather we are almost promised to have at this time of year.

The routine comprises of using 4 products in a specific order to keep your skin in peak condition. 

Cleverly called the 4x4x4 Training Program, it includes 4 products, 4 movements and 4 minutes – hence the name (I told you it was clever!) – that helps rejuvenate your grooming regime.

The first step is the Skin Resistance Training Supplement* that includes the vital vitamins and protein to prepare our body (and skin) for the day. It works in a way that makes the skin look tighter and more fresh to leave it with a youthful glow. Packed full of good stuff such as Vitamin C/D, Magnesium and Collagen, it is essential for supporting the structure of the skin, anti-ageing and injecting those all important electrolytes into the body. Movement: 4 neck extensions – to tighten the jaw and add definition.

The second part of the regime is probably my favourite part – the Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud* mask. I always think that the best way to rip the dirt and muck from your skin is to scrub it out with the elements itself. That’s why this mask has a base of clay minerals to help put in the hard work when removing the greasy oils from deep within your skin. For best results, leave on the skin to dry to really give the product chance to penetrate into your pores and then wash off. Movement: 4 Face push presses – to help invigorate the product, lift the cheeks and fight the effects of gravity.

The next step is all about prepping the skin with Skin Strengthening Serum* which does exactly what it says on the tin. I am a huge fan of fighting against any signs of ageing – I realise that I’m still young but anything I can do to help prevent my skin from looking and feeling younger than I actually am then I’m all for it. It has been tested and has given results proven to reduce the sign of wrinkles and lift the skin in the areas that need it most – in other words, its an absolute Godsend. Movement: 4 eye lifts – to help reduce the appearance of ageing and make the eyes look more awake and alert.

The fourth instalment of the training regime is the all-important prep the skin needs with the Hydration Pro Moisturiser*. After all of that facial workout, it’s best to leave the skin feeling replenished and ready to take on the day! The moisturiser is probably the most important step, as it helps maintain all of the effects that the previous products have done to the skin. It helps with maintaining the prevention of ageing, it keeps the skin feeling tight and youthful and helps create a barrier against the dirt and grim that loves getting lodged into the pores. Movement: 4 Forehead flies – to help reduce tension and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

And that, gents, is the latest beauty regime that creates a workout for your skin.

If you’re looking for an inventive way to help inject some life into your routine then this is definitely one of the latest that creates a different take on grooming.

The Proverb approach is to create a different routine for everyone, compiling a specific way of looking after yourself – whatever skin type you may have. You can download the app, build your own grooming team and get support from the experts behind the innovative routine.

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*products gifted for purposes of the post.


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