Grooming with L’Oreal’s Charcoal Wash

It seems that every single week I am searching for something new to add to my grooming routine; whether it be tackling my sensitive skin, battling with my un-stylable hair or updating my aftershave pile, I am often surprised (and super delighted) when I find something that actually does good things.

This time around, I stumbled upon the Black Charcoal Wash “Magnetic Wash” from L’Oreal Men Expert which has completely revolutionised my grooming process in the morning – cutting it down half the time.

L'Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic "Magnetic Effect" Black Charcoal Wash

If anyone knows a little bit about charcoal washes is that it is able to get deep down into the small pores of your face to remove all of the dirt that clogs them up! The “magnetic” aspect of this does exactly what it says – it works as magnet to attract all of the build up and remove it.

I have always been a sufferer of oily skin, blackheads and enlarged pores but even after a few washes with this, it became visible that using the right product is all it takes to beat your insecurities.

I’m often hesitant to try new things that aren’t designed for sensitive skin because my skin would be left irritated and result in a huge breakout which would ruin all of my efforts. So opting for a heavier product that isn’t specifically for my skin type was risky.

All it takes is a massage a small amount onto a wet face, concentrating on the parts that are most effected by shininess and blackheads (forehead, nose and chin). I usually leave it on for a few minutes to allow it to dry and really get to work – this isn’t necessary but I like to give the wash a chance to collect all the grime for maximum effect.

I’m a huge fan of the whole L’Oreal Men Expert range because it has completely changed the way male grooming has been perceived by everyone – with it becoming more of a necessity for guys to ‘look after themselves’.

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