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Unlike the name suggests, Exante Diet is far from a range that helps you lose weight. Ever since I starting running (oh yeah, I run now! – more about that later on), I’ve been looking at ways to get the added protein into my body to help me with my stamina, strength and overall performance.

Then, a sample of the range* showed up on my doorstep and all of my prayers had been answered. It included meals, snacks and drinks that are perfect for helping with any sort performance whatsoever, whether it’s training, a sport you do or just for getting fitter in everyday life.

IMG_5523 (2)

Since photographing this and delving into the beef chilli afterwards (which was incredible by the way), I have managed to get through the rest of the products.

I am a sucker for snacks so I was racking my brains trying to find alternatives that not only kill my hunger, but also help me with getting fitter and progressing with my performance. All 3 of the snack bars and packed full of protein which is obviously the best thing to be getting in your body if your aim is to build up muscle.

I would get back from my run and have my shake mix ready to pour for my quick fix of protein to make sure the workout was worth it. The instructions suggest mixing it with water, but I stirred mine a cold glass of almond milk and I think it tasted miles better – like a healthy milkshake that doesn’t make you feel so guilty.

The variety of meals and snacks from Exante Diet is astounding as it makes you realise that you don’t have to be smashing out hours at the gym and wearing yourself out to get the proper training. Oh, also, the meals are scrumptious and crammed full of goodness.

Shop the full range here and do let me know if you’re planning on buying any of the products.

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*gifted for purposes of the post. 

As some of you may be aware, in June I am running a 10k for Macmillan Cancer Trust and I would love to get the support from all of you guys! I have recently hit my target, highered it and have nearly smashed that one too so every pound counts. You can donate by clicking here or by clicking the button I’ve put in my sidebar just under my photo (to the right!)

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