Future Fashion @ Stratford Westfield

If, like me, you’re interested in the future of fashion and love to keep up with the latest developments in shopping, then this event was great for showcasing the innovative ways in creating an interactive experience for shoppers.

The event took place over 3 days over the bank holiday weekend at Westfield Stratford and explored the main trends of the Spring/Summer 15 Season – Denim, Floral and Future Modern.

Undeniably, one of the best attractions was the use of Virtual Reality headsets which transports the user into a world based on the three separate themes and lets them explore a land using their own hand-gestures and head movements. It enables the person a chance to interact with virtual characters, fly throughout the landscape and mix’n’match the different trends of the season all within one space.

Keeping the kids entertained was easy! The huge interactive screens that used motion capture incorporated movements on the LED display, again involving the season trends, was a load of fun! A projector caught the motion of the person and transported their silhouette onto the screen for all to see, giving them an outline of a denim mannequin or a human-shaped flower.

The whole event was sponsored by American Eagle Outfitters, with themselves having their own pop up space which allowed shoppers to see a selection of jeans and get a chance to try them on. They also ran a competition where a shopper can win an AEO spree if they posted a picture of them trying on the jeans including the hashtag #AEOdenimdiaries.

Another fantastic feature of the event showed a webpage called EditMe which allows a shopper to see everything that can be bought in the Westfield shopping centre. Whether you’re looking for a simple shirt or a patterned dress, the shopper is able to filter their search to colour, style, shape and price until they’ve found the perfect option. It shows if a store has it in stock, if it’s in the sale and even how far you have to walk to get to the store. I’m sure this will be something that will be spread throughout shopping centres as it makes a shopper’s life easier by telling them exactly what is available for them to buy.

The future of fashion looks promising if this event is anything to go by!

Here’s my entry into the #AEOdenimdiaries:

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