Fresh off the Runway!

Here I am (once again!) delivering my verdict on the latest collections to hit the Runway.

This time, I’m looking at the Spring/Summer Collection 2014 of Burberry!

All of the pieces that are featured are immaculate, with the fresh new look that will catch your eye immediately.

However, instead of rambling on for too long, I will give you my 3 favourites from the collection.




Burberry 1

#1 – The amazing trenchcoat and jumper combination.

The green and brown compliment each other beautifully. The slight flash of blue from the shirt adds an extra colour into the mix, creating an eye-catching outfit that I could definitely see myself wearing. Wearing it’s to the office or just on a bitter, wintery day, it will work wonders and will certainly turn heads (for all the right reasons.)

The red shoes are a fantastic addition to the outfit, breaking up the colours and giving another reason to stare.

Burberry 2

#2 – The smart shirt and the casual jacket contrast.

The colours of this outfit are absolutely stunning. The light blue of the jacket and the watery-green blend well and would certainly stand you out from the rest. The casual look mixed with the smart shirt is a great way to keep the outfit versatile and ready to be worn wherever you go. This could be seen in an office, in the streets or for a posh, evening meal. The red tie is a great way to accessorize this outfit as it gives a flash of colour that breaks up the blue and green.

Burberry 3

#3 – The smart overshirt.

This is the piece that I could definitely see myself wearing. It goes well with any of the pieces above (even in the whole collection) and proves to be a hit when it comes to attention. The red is a catches your eye immediately and leaves you wanting to see more. The overshirt idea is a clever and gives the fashionista who wears it a chance to express themselves from what they wear underneath. Whether it be another shirt with a tie (like this model wears) or nothing, it adds an edge to the outfit, keeping it fresh and stylish.

So, that’s it. My opinions on some of my favourite pieces from the Burberry collection.

Why not leave a comment and tell me what your favourite piece was. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Love your 3 choices! I definitely am loving both outfit #1 and #2. What I like about #3 though is that you can easily recreate that with a cheaper alternative as I know a lot of the shops these days have similar shirts and shoes so you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot.

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