Finding “My Phase”

It seems a while since I did a fashion post, so I wanted to publish one about how I dress myself.

I think I’ve gone through so many years trying to find out my style and what suits me, that I’ve got to a point where I know exactly what I’m looking for when I go shopping for new things.

I’ve been through the skinny phase, the colourful phase, the emo phase and the oversized phase – and have ultimately got to where I am today: I’m gonna call it “My Phase“!

I wouldn’t even say that I’m a massive shopaholic (to be quite honest with you I hate it with a passion!) so when I get the sudden urge to go and find new things I just go with it. Sometimes it’s the urge to spend money just because. Sometimes it’s after I’ve looked in my wardrobe and screamed, “I have nothing to wear“, despite it being rammed full. And sometimes it’s just out of pure boredom. There is no telling how I will wake up feeling. So when it happens, it just happens.

I’m not a huge fan of shopping online because I am very particular about how something fits. That sounds weird because I guess everyone is, but then I also hate the faff of having to return the item.

I have been through many different phases (you’re a liar if you say that you haven’t) to get to the destination of knowing my own style and what looks best on me. It’s all about experimenting and finding where you fit.

Now, I don’t know whether you are aware, but I am total shirt-over-tee type of guy and that is my go-to.

Every. Single. Day.

This beautiful one is from GAP and I got it in the sale for £19.99. Oh yeah, I don’t really like buying things that every other Tom, Dick and Harry are gonna be wearing either.

I prefer to get a bigger size as I don’t want to feel too constricted when moving. I love this shirt because it’s thick enough to act like a coat when it needs to. The material is super thick and keeps me warm so I have no problems with throwing it on over a tee-shirt and being comfortable.

I love a good sale. And I get even more happy when I pick up a bargain. Doesn’t everyone?

What’s your go-to fashion?

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