Essentials: What's in my bag?

Essentials in my bag!

Quite a lot of nosey people ask me what my favourite things are that I use everyday (and throw in my bag when I’m out and about!) I thought I would write a blog post about my essentials to carry around to avoid any mishap in my day!

First of all, the bag is important – this satchel is from River Island* and is perfect for slinging over your shoulder to take on your travels. Picking the right bag is crucial as it needs to be big enough to keep all your stuff in but work with your outfit too!

Although all of these items are essentials, some of them are more needed than others. Before I even step out of the house (and I’m sure you’ll be the same too – I hope so anyway!), I apply my deodrant and cologne to ensure that I don’t have the embarrassing moment of wondering whether that smell on the train is me! The nifty little compressed bottle of Sure Men is perfect to just chuck in my bag just in case. Also, even though your cologne should release smell all day, you never know when you’re going to need it so having that in your bag is handy too – my absolute favourite at the moment is Versace Eros to keep me smelling Godly (that’s what it’s advertised as, I’m not referring to myself as God!)

Something else that is definitely needed anywhere I go are my Sony in-ear headphones. I’ve never really been a fan of big, bulky headphones so having these in my pocket is perfect. The sound is great, they are durable and have the comfortable silicone earbuds so no more painful listening.

Having hair products in your bag is a must-have as, more likely than not, you will probably be caught in a torrential downpour or gale-force wind that blows your do out of place – and we can’t be having that can we? I have boring and dull hair; if there’s no product in it then it’s flat as a pancake and looks lifeless. So going for a putty was essential to make sure I was able to give it a bit of texture, even if it doesn’t actually ‘style’ it. I’m sure there are excellent ones on the market, but I find Superdrug’s own brand Styling Putty does the trick just as well (and at a fraction of the price!)

There we have it, that’s whats inside my bag. I hope you like this kind of post and enjoyed having a nosey into my life at the moment.

What things are in your bag? I’d love to hear if you agree with me about the essentials for everyday.

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*gifted for purposes of the post.


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  1. “that’s what it’s advertised as, I’m not referring to myself as God”
    Haha love it. Great post! This is the first male one I have read ☺️

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