Nowadays, there are not so many campaigns that are quite so fun or break out from that seriousness of the shoots. Cara and Kate removed the conventions of the “serious bitch-face” with the My Burberry campaign and Diesel have jumped on board and delivered us this absolute bundle of joy!

The concept, bought to us by non other than Nicola Formichetti, screams happiness, love and celebration. The idea is shown to highlight how embracing everything about yourself is normal, mostly due to the inclusion of the budding model Chantelle Brown-Young who has a rare skin disease that leaves white patches all over her body. Despite the fact that she was bullied all of her life, the 20 year-old from Toronto went on to being chosen to star on America’s Next Top Model and is now in this campaign.

All of the models are fresh-faced, young, sexy and flirty which oozes appeal from Diesel and their approach towards fashion.

Have a look at the campaign posters below and see for yourselves. Let me know your thoughts!


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