Destination Wedding Styling Event with M&S

Now, I don’t know about you but over the past couple of weeks, my social media timelines have been inundated with wedding pictures – ranging from rings, outfits and official wedding photos! A summer wedding is something that appeals to everyone (even myself), so seeing this makes me slightly jealous – but it also gives me plenty of inspiration.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the main sources of photos that people use for inspiration, with wedding boards being the main bulk of the pinning platform.

Marks and Spencers hosted a styling event where myself and a few other fashion industry folk were invited to create looks based on different settings for a wedding location. We were welcomed with champagne and canapés, got introduced to the team of experts at M&S and then got underway with the styling.

We all got given a destination for a wedding, for example I got Contemporary City Wedding for my first look and Relaxed Beach Wedding for the second.

After hearing about the different suits that the company has to offer for the next season, we all scrambled around to find the perfect look – choosing everything from the suit to the little accessories.

When the looks were complete, we were asked to present our outfit, thinking about every inch of details, why we chose it and what member of the wedding would be wearing it!

Choosing the right suit is crucial for a wedding, matching it with the bride and the rest of the party! A man’s individual style can be incorporated into what he wears, as these exercises shown.

Whether you’re looking to stick to tradition, rocking the top hat and tailcoat, or go for something different such as a a straw hat and brogues, then M&S certainly have you sorted for your day to remember. Browse the range by clicking here.

I was joined by Ally from Ally In Blunderland, Ellie from Elle Next Door, Matt from Kingsdown Roots and David from Grey Fox.

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