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Days after writing my 5 beauty products that I live by post, I discovered the amazing Lab Series from House of Fraser and two products in particular took my fancy so much that I needed to share it with you!

If, like me, you’re prone to sensitive skin and need something to take the edge off when shaving, after exercising or simply just waking up in the morning, then these two products will work a treat.


The Multi-Action Face Washand the All-in-one Face Treatment* are a complete God-send – I just wish I had discovered them a couple of days earlier so I could have included them in my 5 favourites post but they deserve an accolade of their own.

I have been using the face wash every morning and night without fail since I received it and I couldn’t praise it any higher. It lathers up and creates the most amazing foam on your face and neck, along with the fresh and minty smell that leaves you feeling completely cleansed and free of any dirt or grim that’s gathered up overnight/during the day.

It also prepares the skin perfectly for a shave (whether you wet shave or just trim) as it clears away anything that can get in the way of blade, causing the skin to tear and leaving you with embarrassing tissue patches all over your face.


Now onto the complete all-rounder. Like it says on the bottle, this cream does everything you need it to. I really don’t think there’s much I can say about this Face Wash, just that it’s amazing and packs all of the processes of grooming into one cream.

I especially like it after I’ve been for a run and my skin is a little sore from sweat (TMI right?). As I have sensitive skin, the sweat seems to start stinging my face, so putting this cream on after showering is the best solution as it soothes my skin.

I can’t recommend both of these products as they have completely changed up the way I treat my skin and I am feeling so much better for it. And good skin makes for a more positive person, yes?

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*gifted for purposes of the post.

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