Cruelty-Free Grooming with Superdrug

June is here, so I think it’s only right to do a summer grooming mix-up for you guys!

This time around, I’ve discovered the wonders of Superdrug‘s own-brand B. and their mens grooming range that is truly amazing (and cruelty-free too so that’s always a good thing!) 

I’ve enlisted the help from their Charcoal Face Scrub and the Moisturiser to work it’s magic over the summer.

Superdrug Cruelty Free Charcoal Face Scrub and Moisturiser

Now, I’ve gotta be honest, I never thought that I would be using a drug-store’s own-brand grooming products on my skin because I, like most of us, think that you have to pay a little bit extra to see better results. I can assure you that that is definitely not the case.

Ever since I’ve been using these two products, my skin has taken a massive turn down ‘Smooth Street’ and steered away from ‘Acne Avenue’ and ‘Dry-Skin Drive’.

As everyone is probably aware of by now, charcoal is the new thing to be using nowadays. This one is mixed with cocoa butter and walnut shell to leave your skin feeling extra clean and smooth. The great thing about it is, it can be used as a simple scrub or a deep, intensifying exfoliant to get to those harder to reach places.

So after I’ve used the scrub to get right inside my pores, I rinse my face and after it’s dry I apply the moisturiser.

Paying particular attention to my nose, my mouth area and around my eyes, I massage it in upward and outward motions to get the full effect. Not only does this smell heavenly, but it leaves my skin feeling soft and completely nourish throughout the day, no mater what is thrown my way! Dirt, no problem. Dust, forget it. Rain, you’re covered.

Using a combination of the two products is definitely the way to help improve skin because they have been designed together, to be used together with no conflicting ingredients that may cause problems. I’ve been using them as a pair since I first got them, and I can agree that it is for the best – I’m even thinking of getting the rest of the range to add to my collection.


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