Christmas Gift Idea: The book of …

I always think the best present for someone is something personalised, so when I saw The Book of Everyone I knew I had to get one.

The basic premise of the book is making it specific to one person. This is achieved by entering the person’s name & date-of-birth and the rest is done for you! The system automatically creates a book of facts relating to the very year (and sometimes day) of their birthday. It’s awesome!

There are opportunities to personalise even further by adding photos, quotes and maybe even something embarrassing to make them laugh.

The book includes so many interesting facts that you may not even know, right from the film and book of that year to the famous people they share their birthday with.

The book can be printed on paperback, hardback or a deluxe option that comes with a a stunning gift box! There is also the choice of getting a digital version to be used on your smart phone or tablet, you know, when you want to be able to show your friends.

It is in collaboration with Age UK, that with every book you buy it goes towards the “gifting” of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift. Because, after-all, we all know that amazing people deserve an amazing gift too!

And the coolest thing about it all? The fact an ant (yes, a real ant) gets called your friend’s name in their honour!

So what are you waiting for? Go and make sure that you’re the one giving the best present this year!


Happy Holidays


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