Chanel x Consumerism @ PFW

It was only a matter of time before designers were going to jump on the consumerism bandwagon, this time it’s Chanel.

And what a spectacular show they put on for us.

Chanel at Paris Fashion Week
Chanel at Paris Fashion Week

Karl Lagerfeld has really outdone himself on this one, just like he does every single time, by turning the Grand Palais into a shopping mall for the Autumn/Winter Collection.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this really relates me. I love going shopping, so to have one of the top designers in the world today base a show around a supermarket is fantastic.

It really does show that he’s reaching out to the masses, basing the shows around the consumers and broadening the brand to every single one of us.

Most people probably think it’s just a load of rubbish and he’s trying to better everyone else. Yeah, you’re right, he probably is. But damn it has it worked.

Even Karl was shopping himself. How excellent. He’s just like a normal person. His book shows exactly that.


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