Kick-Ass 2 review!

So, I’ve just seen Kick-Ass 2.
Or, alternatively, Kick More Ass

Right from the get-go, it was destined to be bigger and better than it’s predecessor. The action scenes rocketed and included more blood and gore than any usual superhero movie.

All eyes on Chloe Moretz, once again, who steals the show as she tries to grow up and leave her superhero ‘Hit Girl’ behind as her father was killed in the first film. But, realising that this is what she fate intends for her, she soon steals the show!

Her fight scenes included even more impressive moves, for a 15 year old anyway, and even more swearing (especially the c-word!)

My boyfriend’s view was ‘over the top’

I totally disagree.

With MARV having more budget for this film, why not add more action, more swearing and even more CGI? It was absolutely worth every penny spent on constructing this epic sequel.

Definitely a must see!
(Maybe not with your children though: hence the 15 Certificate)


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Made in the UK, destroyed in Magalluf.

So, hello WordPress. I’m back from my travels to Magalluf and thought I might give you a post on my time.
It was quite possibly, the best 9 days of my life, spending it with my best friend and her family.
We stayed at the nicest hotel with the best views (her parents got the best room in the hotel – the managers’ suite)


The nightlife of Magalluf is one of the best I’ve seen. With the main strip of clubs, there is a place for everyone, indie, rock, electro, EVERYTHING.
I was in my element. I love all sorts, so everywhere I went it was great!
LOTS HAPPENED. I ripped my shorts dancing too vigorously on a windowsill, acquired random things from the night out and ate KFC at 4 in the morning!

In the day, chilling by the pool, having a pool party, drinking cocktails just made it. It was the best way to spend a holiday and getting a tan (I burnt a little, oops).

And all this time, I didn’t fall out with my friend once, RESULT!

Here are some pictures of the best holiday of my life, enjoy! 🙂 x









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