Life's path!

I was reading a post yesterday on Scarphelia and it inspired me to write a post about where life is heading!

Many people ask “What do you want to do after University?” and my answer is still non-existent.

It’s like when you were little and your teacher would ask “Now Liam, what do you want to be when you grow up?” An astronaut, a fireman, a popstar were probably the answers I gave. But growing up, you realise these are ridiculous and you actually have to think of a ‘proper’ job.

I’m in  University and still have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I have ideas and dreams but they seem impossible right now. I know people say that nothing is impossible, but at the moment I seem to be stuck in a rut.

And then people ask me why I have a blog? I’m hoping for something to come from it I guess. To make people notice, to see what I have to offer and to see what I am capable of doing – a sort of portfolio.

In my lecture yesterday, my lecturer asked the class who had a blog and what they aimed to achieve from having one. Most people said exactly the same thing, “I’m hoping to get something from it”

It’s true. Everyone is hoping for something to happen. 

But I also love the readership of blogs. The people that are there to support you and give you feedback on what you write is beautiful. The relationship in the blogosphere is something that’s special and makes you feel like you can relate to everyone else doing the same thing.

Anywho, back to the subject of finding the right path in life. It’s difficult to focus on where my life is heading at the moment because everything is so up in the air. I’m just taking everyday as it comes, completeing essays and creating those all important contacts that will come in handy when I graduate (which is in just over a year, eek!)

I’m taking life with a pinch of salt and facing every challenge when it approaches. There’s no easy way around life and you just have to play it.

Play God’s Game of Life. 


Ciao for now, x

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A year in the life.

A lot can happen in a year.

Travel the world. (My dream!)

Get pregnant and have the baby! (Obviously not me personally but it’s an example, okay?)

Go from the bottom to the top. (Again, my dream!)

But something different has happened to me in the last year. This time, around a year ago, I went on the first date with, my now, boyfriend. It sounds so strange to think that at that time we had no idea about one another and now feeling so comfortable around each other that everything seems perfect.

We have shared some of the most amazing times together. We’ve had days out to the National History and Science Museums in South Kensington (that was a great day!) to nights out with his and my friends (those were great, of what I remember.)

People probably won’t care what I have to say but I just feel the need to express how I feel and blogging seems a great way to do it – that’s what a blog is for right?!

One time, we went to the RSPCA Centre and fell in love with 2 of the dogs there. From then on, we started planning our lives around adopting these dogs (Humphrey and Ruby) and talking about baby’s and marriage. Wow, this all sounds so cringy when I write it. But it’s honestly how I feel and it makes me happy to know that young people can be in love.

You see people who have been together for a couple of weeks dropping the “L-Bomb” all over social networks and that makes me sad. Thinking you love someone so quickly and when you’re so young can be damaging. It could be over in a heartbeat and then you’ve lost the person you “love”. It really is disheartening.

There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with them. 

The difference is their ability to be themselves, no matter how silly, stupid or dumb they might be, and still love them.

So yes, I would say I’m in love because I’ve had a year to figure it out and grow to love the person I want to spend my life.

I know I’m only 20, and it sounds sightly hypocritical as to what I previously said, but I’m embracing it and imagining what could happen in the future.


So, to my boyfriend, I love you.

to my followers, I hope you don’t hate me for writing something out of the ordinary

and to the people who say their “in love”, don’t do it if you really don’t mean it.



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